REVEALED: The Reason Why Local Celebrities Posted Pictures Of Red Balls On Instagram

It turns out that they were celebrating the launch of a new campaign by Hotlink, in conjunction with the launch of their new RED App.

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On 5 April 2014, local Malaysian celebrities piqued interest from social media users when they were spotted taking photos with red balls with the hashtag #LiveLifeLoud on Instagram

Fashion designer Wak Doyok

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Asia's next top model Sheena Liam with the hashtag LiveLifeLoud

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Khairul Fahmi, Malaysia's goalkeeper also snuck in a red ball in his picture

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It turns out that this was a campaign for Hotlink, in conjunction with the launch of their new app, the RED App

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Maxis has today officially announced the new Hotlink Red app for its prepaid customers, featuring plenty of features that normally requires users to access clunky old menus using USSD codes.

Hotlink launches the Hotlink RED App, rewarding customers for being ‘Always On’ by connecting them to the things they love

The RED App offers exclusive VIP access to social gatherings, freebies and also a chance to meet and greet with local celebrities

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The Hotlink RED App, downloadable for free, gives customers automatic access to year-round #LiveLifeLoud rewards – VIP access to favourite celebrities, exclusive giveaways including autographed merchandise, epic experiences to music festivals and concerts, and much more.

By downloading the Hotlink RED App, customers will automatically gain access to year-round #LiveLifeLoud rewards, which include VIP access to their favorite celebrities, exclusive giveaways such as autographed merchandise and instant daily rewards, epic experiences to music festivals and concerts as well as opportunities to be up close & personal with inspiring personalities.

The Hotlink Red app also introduces the new LiveLifeLoud social hub, which rewards users with plenty of freebies, from free movie passes, merchandise to even exclusive backstage passes to concerts of your favourite stars!

This enables their users to #LiveLifeLoud daily where they get to take part in new experiences that are usually not the norm

Users are able to check their balance and purchase data plans through the app

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“The Hotlink RED App is a huge reinforcement of our aspirations for our customers as it will always be a gateway to the exciting #LiveLifeLoud platform, which is essentially a world of unique, money-can’t-buy experiences. All of these are now within their reach through this single app. Our Hotlink brand has always stood for this dynamic world of experiences, and today we are rewarding them and making it much easier for them to turn their dreams into reality,” said Dushyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis’ Head of Consumer Business.

The RED app also allows prepaid users to better control their account by allowing you to check your balance, top up your account as well as purchase Internet plans

Users are allowed to top up and purchase data plans through the app

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The new Hotlink Red app was designed primarily for Hotlink users using smartphones, allowing them easier access to basic account information such as tracking their balance and data usage, and even top up as well as subscribing to the mobile Internet plans – things that usually requiring users to navigate through various USSD codes.

Apart from rewards, the Hotlink RED app is also a self-serve app designed to help customers take full control of their prepaid account including tracking their balance and data usage, topping up and purchasing mobile internet services.

The RED App is free to download from the Google Play store with the iOS version coming soon

Download the Hotlink RED App for a world of awesomeness with exclusive rewards and the hottest events.

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