Give Your Mum A Well-Deserved Break This Ramadan

Your mum can now rest and enjoy every sahur moment with family.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tropicana Twister.

Ramadan goes beyond fasting from food and drink during daylight hours

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During Ramadan, most of us take the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and put in extra effort to do good deeds. More importantly, the fasting month is made meaningful when it's spent with loved ones — it's a time when families grow closer and create cherished memories.

While fasting can sometimes be a challenge, it can be particularly strenuous for mothers, especially in preparation for sahur every morning. It's not just about setting the alarm early, it's also about juggling between household chores, work responsibilities, and ensuring the entire family's wellbeing.

In fact, many moms wake up hours before sahur just to ensure everything is prepared for the day ahead.

Recognising the vital role our mothers play during Ramadan, here's a special something for our beloved heroes

Introducing the Tropicana Twister 'Kasih Ibu Penyempurna Sahurku campaign, which focuses on easing the burden for mums, particularly those with young children. Tropicana also encourages you to kick off your day with full of optimism before fasting with a refreshing burst and quench your thirst with their drink.

The cool part? Tropicana Twister will be sending a private chef right to your home, so our beloved mothers can finally take a break during sahur and enjoy sahur moments with family! Yes, you read that right!

Tropicana Twister is offering a helping hand to selected households by sending a chef to assist in preparing healthy sahur meals. What's more, lucky winners will also get to win a Thermomix Smart Multi Cooker, the dream appliance for any home cook, woah!

This initiative not only aims to provide practical support but also acknowledges the tireless efforts of mothers in ensuring their families are well-cared for during Ramadan.

Additionally, participants who take part in this campaign stand a chance to win exclusive Siti Khadijah prayer mats and food vouchers worth RM100.

Wanna take part in this contest and make your mum smile? Here are three simple steps to participate:

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STEP 1: Visit hotfm's official website

STEP 2: Answer a simple question related to Tropicana Twister

STEP 3: Share why your mother/wife deserves a break during sahur

And that's it! Join the contest now before 9 April and you could be the lucky one to surprise your mum with a helping hand this Ramadan.

P.S. You'll also get to meet some of your favourite Hot FM personalities and stock your home up with Tropicana Twister products!

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