[PHOTOS] Check Out These Stunning Shots From Outer Space Taken With The Samsung Galaxy S10

So that's what the Earth looks like from 90,000 ft off the ground.

Cover image via Android Authority

Samsung Malaysia recently became the first smartphone manufacturer to launch its smartphones into space

In fact, they sent 10 of their new Samsung Galaxy S10s up 90,000 feet into the stratosphere, capturing some stunning shots along the way.

Here are just a few of them:

Altitude: 10 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 500 ft

Image via

Altitude: 500 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 10,000 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 40,000 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 50,000 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 60,000 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 70,000 ft

Image via Samsung

Altitude: 90,000 ft

Image via Samsung

This is the first time any smartphone manufacturer in Malaysia has attempted such a feat, showing Samsung Malaysia's dedication to breaking boundaries and reaching new heights, literally

Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Image via CNET

While sending the smartphones up into the stratosphere was an epic project in and of itself, it was thanks to Samsung Galaxy S10's pro-grade camera and capability to shoot in HDR10+ that they were able to capture these breathtaking shots of Earth.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 have three rear cameras, which is like having a full kit of lenses in your pocket

Capture ultra wide shots like this.

Image via Samsung

The powerful, next gen 16MP ultra wide camera allows you to capture more in each shot. There is also a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera, which gives you the flexibility to shoot with a 2x optical zoom in and out.

The front camera is no joke either, allowing you to shoot selfies and videos in 4K UHD. If you're using the S10+, you can even play around with the dual front cameras for artistic selfies with Live focus.

Looking to take your photography game to the next level? Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S10 series on their website today.

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