Sazzy Falak, Samantha Lee And More Write Time Capsule Letters To Their Kids

Some Malaysian moms and dads have taken to pen and paper to express their deepest thoughts and feelings for their children to read when they're older.

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It's never easy to say out loud the things that you mean, so these Malaysian parents have taken to penning heartwarming letters for their kids to read when they are older.

These time capsules of love are a result of the Letters For The Future campaign from AIA Malaysia. The initiative has garnered more than 300 entries, including several submissions from Malaysian celebrities and bloggers.

1. Actress and TV host Sazzy Falak to Imaan Lily Nazril and Tiara Rose Nazril

Sazzy Falak's daughters, Imaan Lily Nazril and Tiara Rose Nazril.

Image via Sazzy Falak on AIA Malaysia

"These past few years have been the best years of mine and Daddy's lives. A lot of love, sunshine, happiness and all things wonderful have been injected into our family. All your grandparents spoil the both of you like mad and will do just about anything to make you happy. Alhamdullillah, we are all truly blessed."

Read the full letter here.

2. Actress and TV host Aishah Sinclair to Soraya and Aina

Soraya's time capsule.

Image via Instagram aishahjennifer

"Discover what you love and find a way to do it everyday. Find a balance between what you need to do to live and what you need to do for a living. But most importantly, give and receive love. The more you give it, the more you get."

Read the full letter here.

3. Food art blogger Samantha Lee to daughters Elizabeth and Evana

Samantha Lee's letter to daughters Elizabeth and Evana.

Image via FB Samantha Lee

"I may not be the perfect parent but I'm trying my best. There are times when both of you felt inferior and just needed to hear my affirming words but I was too busy that I missed the opportunity. Please forgive me for those misses. Two of you are the apples of my eye, both of you are my greatest achievements, gifts, pleasures and inspirations on this earth. I'm blessed."

Read the full letter here.

4. Blogger Ben Ashaari to Qhaliff and Zahra

Qhaliff with his time capsule.

Image via Instagram ben_ashaari.

"Mungkin ketika kamu berdua membaca surat ini, daddy sudah tiada lagi di dunia ini. Tiada apa yang mampu daddy tinggalkan untuk kamu berdua. Tiada harta melainkan ilmu dunia akhirat mampu diberikan untuk kamu berdua."

Read the full letter here.

5. Blogger Diyana Azman to Miki and Rafa

Time capsules for Diyana's boys, Miki and Rafa.

Image via FB AIA Malaysia

"I know both of you will soon grow up to be big boys. And big boys don’t want to hug and kiss Mummy no more. Big boys don’t want to sleep with Mummy. Big boys will be embarrassed if caught grocery shopping with Mummy. Big boys don’t want bed time story about big green monster told by Mummy... So until you become those big boys I will bear any tantrums, answer your non-stop questionings, meet your endless demands… I will miss your slobbering kisses and those warm chubby arms wrapped around my neck as your were falling asleep."

Read the full letter here.

6. Blogger Jenny Chin to Benjamin, Alyson & Carolyn

Benjamin's time capsule.

Image via FB I'm a full-time mummy

"Remember that each one of you have your own unique special gift that God blesses you with. Learn to make good use of it, we pray that you all will grow up as a god-fearing and god loving child, do things that is according to God's way and will."

Read the full letter here.

7. Indie singer and writer Fynn Jamal to Arjuna

Fynn Jamal's son, Arjuna.

Image via Fynn Jamal on AIA Malaysia

"bermacam2 telah kita tempuh, nak. dari komplikasi jantung juna ketika cuma berusia 3 minggu dan kini dirintangkan dengan spektrum autisme-- kita telah buktikan yang cinta kita cukup untuk menjadi perisai kita melawan semuanya."

Read the full letter here.

If you'd like to write your own letter to your child, get more details [here]( As for the rest of us, it's time to pick up your phone and give your parents a call.

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