[VIDEO] M'sian Influencer Shares Simple Ways To Level Up Your Home With Smart Devices

Imagine being able to boil water in your kitchen from your bed. Chillax ah!

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Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular these days

In essence, smart homes are homes that are fitted with hi-tech Internet-enabled devices that you can control remotely. From lighting systems to security systems, smart homes are becoming all the rage because of their convenience, comfort, and added layers of security. 

In this video, Brenda speaks with Chris Yap, influencer and DIY home decor extraordinaire, on how you can level up your home and make it a smart home

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Chris begins by explaining what makes a home "smart", which basically means home automation

Chris: "Think of it as you can control the lighting, the air conditioning, and electronic appliances at home, with just your smartphone. Practically from anywhere!"

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When asked how one can go about incorporating smart devices into their homes, Chris said that installing outdoor security devices is the way to go

Brenda: "Wow! So, for someone like me who doesn't know anything about smart homes, what is my first step to entering that?"

Chris: "First step, don't start with the inside, start with the outside. So, what we can do is we can install a smart security system and usually these come with a CCTV with an app that you can use on your smartphone."

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According to Chris, smart light bulbs are also a great way to level up your home

Chris: "The first step for people to take into the smart home world is usually smart bulbs because they're relatively inexpensive. So just put them behind the table, behind the monitor, and you get this really nice accent lighting."

Brenda: "Yes, actually that's one thing I've been meaning to get. Because I've seen the ones behind the monitor, like it really enhances your user experience."

Did you know that there are also smart appliances? Whoa, talk about cool, right?

Chris: "So, there are stuff like smart kettles, vacuums, fridge, and even smart rice cookers. The best thing about these is that you can set a timer on these."

Brenda: "Just now I said I wanted lights, right, but I think this is what I need."

Chris recommends checking out SECOM Smart Malaysia, because they have an extensive and complete package

Chris: "The difference between an old school CCTV system and one from SECOM Smart Malaysia is that not only can you monitor the CCTV from the app itself, the simple plug and play method of installation also means less renovation costs.

"They also provide 24/7 monitoring service, meaning they have live agents to respond to any alarm of suspicious activities."

SECOM Smart Malaysia is one of Malaysia's leading security service providers, known for their state-of-the-art residential and commercial security systems

Besides their impressive smart home security system, they also have a variety of other smart products, like motion sensors, door sensors, window sensors, and smoke detectors, all of which you can control on your smartphone via the SECOM Smart Malaysia app.

However, you don't need to use the app all the time, because all you really need is a handy dandy home assistant device to do the work for you! A home assistant is essentially a microphone that you fit around the house, so just speak into the device and you're good to go.

Besides providing awesome security solutions for your home and office, what's great about SECOM Smart Malaysia is that they also provide installation services, making it super convenient for their customers.

Plus, they have a three-year guarantee on their products, so you can rest assured that your home will be safe and secure. You can even opt for flexible monthly payments if you plan to buy any of their smart home security packages.

Find out more about SECOM Smart Malaysia security systems here

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