For Just RM38, You Can Get A Self-Test HIV Test Kit, Condoms & 1-On-1 Health Sessions

It's time to get your sexual health in check, y'all!

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In conjunction with World Sexual Health Month 2021, MUC Healthcare is hosting FLIRT 2.0 Let's Get Tested until 15 October

Together with non-profit organisations (NGO) like the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) and the Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society (KLASS), this virtual event is all about encouraging everyone to get tested for HIV, which remains one of the rising sexual health infections in Malaysia.

To support the NGOs' cause in HIV-related agendas, this virtual charity programme also aims to donate the funds raised from purchases of the HIV Screening Package to MAF and KLASS.

Aside from purchasing the HIV Screening Package, here are other ways you can donate to these NGOs advocating for HIV awareness:

Head over to their store on Shopee or their online shop on their website.
MAF HOTLINE: 012-362 2788

Contact their representatives:
Faiz: 017-569 3653
Rayson: 011-5142 7943
Joseph: 017-841 4576
KLASS HOTLINE: 03-4045 6681

You can get the the FLIRT 2.0 HIV Screening Package for just RM38

Image via Alyssa/SAYS

This carefully curated HIV Screening Package contains the following:
- HIV Self-Test Kit
- Two free 30-minute telehealth sessions on sexual health and mental health by qualified doctors in their respective fields
- Free gifts by ONE Condoms and CARE Condoms worth up to RM100 

As for the HIV Self-Test Kit, here's what it contains: 
- 3rd generation HIV test kit
- Buffer solution
- Alcohol swab
- Lancet
- Small disposable dropper

If you're anxious about performing the HIV self-test on your own, worry not! For every purchase of the HIV Screening Package, you will be provided a link to a private and confidential Zoom Webinar, with doctors guiding you through the correct way to conduct the HIV self-test. :D

The webinar session is hosted by sexual health practitioner Dr Ray from MUC Healthcare, HIV Advocated Outreach Worker Faiz Jamaluddin, and Azryn Azhari Arshad, also known as Kakak Kondom

With sex still being a taboo topic in society, Dr Ray believes that it's time to speak louder about it and discuss the topic openly.

"In my line of work, I see patients that are afraid to find out their status and with that, many keep on having unprotected sex and further spread STDs. This feeling of shame needs to be erased, and sexuality in all forms needs to be talked about. All STDs can be treated, so let's treat it before it deteriorates and further affects the well-being of Malaysians. Only then can we achieve a healthy, sex-positive society," Dr Ray said.

During the webinar, Dr Ray will guide the participants step-by-step on how they can conduct their own HIV self-test. You can even ask the speakers any sexual health-related questions during the Q&A session! If you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use a nickname :)

PS: Once the webinar is over, don't forget to to claim your free one-on-one telehealth sessions on sexual and mental health, powered by Sihatku

You can arrange for the date and timing of your two sessions privately with the doctors from MUC Healthcare.

Find out more about the FLIRT2.0 HIV Screening Package here

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