SG Woman Loses New Louis Vuitton Bag In Store After Paying RM7,800 For It

The Singaporean claimed that the store implied that she left her purchases unattended, which resulted in her items getting stolen.

Cover image via @annapooty (TikTok)

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Getting a luxury bag can be a surreal experience for some and most would want to flaunt it as soon as they buy their own.

Unfortunately for one woman in Singapore, there was no chance for her to flaunt her new Louis Vuitton bag because she came home with an empty box.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @annapooty on Monday, 12 December, the Singaporean got the shock of her life when she bought a SGD2,400 (RM7,800) Alma BB Ebene Damier Canvas handbag from a Louis Vuitton store located in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on 9 December, only to find it missing later.

Upon realising her bag's disappearance, she immediately called the Louis Vuitton hotline. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the store, they finally got back to her.

According to the store's representative, they informed the woman that their closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras captured her leaving the store with two bags and that their stocks tallied.

Further probing them for an answer to this situation, the store allegedly told her that they were not ruling out the possibility that a crime took place in their store. She felt that the store was implying that she left her bag unattended and someone stole it from under her nose.

Unsatisfied with their answer, the Singaporean claimed that they "tried to gaslight" her and shift the blame.

Undeterred by the store's reluctance to solve the issue, the Singaporean took matters into her own hands and lodged a police report on 11 December

Once the report was lodged, the police reportedly called the store to investigate the issue further.

Coincidentally, the woman said that the store found her bag after the police contacted them and asked for her to come and pick it up.

According to the store, a mix-up occurred between her and another guest's items. The store claimed that the customer had asked for an empty box as a decoration piece and the empty box got mixed up with the one containing the woman's bag. 

Once at the store to claim what was rightfully hers, the Louis Vuitton staff returned her precious bag and even gave her a bottle of champagne for the inconveniences she had to face.

Reunited with her luxurious purchase, @annapooty said that her heart no longer feels heavy.

Many netizens were outraged at the incident and said that the luxury store needed to "do better"

Image via TikTok

Others questioned @annapooty as to why she didn't notice she was carrying an empty box home, as it would have felt strangely light.

Some also claimed that she should have asked the store assistants to pack the bag in front of her. 

Image via TikTok

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