"3 Small 1 Big" — Woman's Mother-In-Law Has Horrifying Toilet Flushing Rules

I think we can all agree that 'doing your business' should stay your business.

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Times are hard — the rate of inflation is rising, as are the costs of living, prompting many of us to stay frugal.

But would you be willing to scrimp on the most basic of hygiene habits just to save a little money?

An anonymous user from Taiwan recently posted about their conversation with a co-worker in a Facebook group named "Cheap Mother-In-Laws Discussion Room".

The user revealed that their co-worker was complaining about her mother-in-law, whom she lived with, as the latter's frugality was crossing into unhygienic territory.

Allegedly, her mother-in-law required the toilet to be filled with "3 small and 1 big" before she was allowed to flush.

Confused, the user asked her to elaborate, whereupon their female colleague revealed to their horror that "big" meant defecation and "small" meant urination.

Many netizens were horrified at the prospect of not flushing after every use

One user exclaimed, "That's not a toilet, it's a waste pit!"

Image via Facebook

Another user sarcastically quipped, "Why use a toilet then? Just learn from people in ancient times and dig a pit in the ground."

Image via Facebook

One user was amazed that something as basic as going to the toilet required a standard operating procedure, or SOP. Stating the mother-in-law's "#3Small1BigPolicy" made her stricter than a communist regime.

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Meanwhile, some users used the comment thread as an opportunity for group therapy, detailing similar experiences

One user lamented, "My mother-in-law has the same disgusting habit! It pisses me off and all I can do is make her wash the toilet bowl."

Image via Facebook

One user even encountered resistance from their father when they tried to get him to flush regularly.

They said, "My dad does this too. After scolding him for ages, he suddenly took out a plastic bottle. He was trying to imply that if I didn't allow him to urinate three times before flushing, he would use the bottle to collect it himself. It's genuinely so disgusting."

Image via Facebook

However, there were a few who defended the mother-in-law in question

A Facebook user wrote, "This is a habit most old people have. Their mentality is that if you save water, you save money."

Image via Facebook

Another stated that the mother-in-law could've been born into poverty, necessitating a thrifty lifestyle, and that the user's colleague could simply choose not to live with her.

"What wasn't a problem at first has become a disgusting problem in the eyes of the daughter-in-law. Now, whose problem is that?" she said.

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