This Man's Quote About Money Is Something We All Need To Remember

Stop for a second and hear what he has to say :)

It's no lie that for many of us, having more money is a constant life goal

From job hopping for a better salary to taking on freelance work on the side, money is a constant drive for many.

So it serves as a good reminder for all, to listen to the words of this Malaysian...

This Malaysian, however, has a different philosophy in life

Image via Shell Malaysia

Manogaran worked at the local Shell station at his kampung in his youth. He would later leave his hometown in search for more opportunities in Kuala Lumpur. After 20 years in the big city, Manogaran had built a good life for himself and was earning more than enough to live comfortably.

His life would change forever in 2003, when his father passed away, leaving his mother a widow

As the only unmarried person in the family, Manogaran made the decision to give up his life and career in KL to return to his hometown solely to care for his mum <3

But despite his sacrifices, Manogaran reveals that the decision to leave his life in KL was not a difficult one to make.

Manogaran explains, "Money's not everything. I've seen a lot of money in my life before, but it's okay."

"The time and the moments that you spend with your family is more valuable than what you're searching for... Everybody's happy, celebrating the festivals. That is one of the best things. That is happiness."

Watch his full video here:

So while it's important for us to have financial goals, let's take a moment to remember what, why, and who, we're doing it for :)

Manogaran's story is part of a series called #StationStories, that offers a platform for Malaysians to share what matters to them and celebrates everybody's unique journey

Created by Shell Malaysia, the campaign offers us a glimpse into the complexities of life through moments captured during a regular stop at a Shell station.

It's a great reminder to us that we all have a story, and it's the understanding and compassion that we have for everyone's journey that will bring us closer together.

Get a look into the unique lives of your fellow Malaysians with #StationStories. Watch more videos here.

Image via Shell Malaysia

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