This Restaurant In Desa Sri Hartamas Lets You Grill Your Wagyu Beef To Perfection!

Melt in your mouth beef.

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Beef eaters, meet your match!

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Originating from Japan, Shin Nihon gives you an authentic Yakiniku (Japanese-style barbeque) experience that you’ll never forget.

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Currently, they have 15 branches in Japan, but all you red-meat lovers can readily enjoy premium cuts of marbled meat at this KL outlet that just opened its door last year.

Shin Nihon is known for their variety selection of premium melt-in-your-mouth beef slices that you can grill at your table!

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Depending on which meat platter you order, your cuts of meat are quirkily served on wooden boats and even bridges!

This magnificent Japanese wagyu beef boat costs RM920, and we swear, it is worth every penny

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But don't worry if that price point is a little too high for you, Shin Nihon has plenty of other meat platters that are much more affordable.

Picture this: 7 different cuts of meat, weighing at 1kg, all ready to get in your belly.

The selection of cuts differ every time you order the boat, because Shin Nihon purchases whole cows instead of just particular parts. This keeps the costs low and more affordable to their customers! The cuts we got were brisket, short rib, tenderloin, sirloin, ribeye, lean c cut, and thick cut tongue.

We bet you drooled a little just by reading that.

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The best part about grilling your own meat is that you get to control the ‘doneness’ of your cuts! Whether you like it median rare or well done - it’s completely after you.

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After your meat is grilled to perfection, it’s best to eat it by wrapping your meat in veggies like coral lettuce with topping it off with a dash of lemon juice and salt or sweet chilli sauce. 

This Yakiniku joint also serves a variety of other delicious Japanese cuisines. If you’re as carb-addicted as we are, try their Premium Slices Of Wagyu Beef on rice!

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Their sliced wagyu beef and sweet minced beef on rice is served with all the tastiest garnishing including spring onions, wasabi, sesame seeds, seaweed, and Katsuo Dash broth. While this style of dish is usually served with unagi, Shin Nihon’s beef version tastes even better.

To eat this dish, they recommend you split your rice bowl into four portions for a fully unique experience. For the first quarter, you should just eat the meat and rice alone. For the second quarter, you eat the meat and rice with some garnishing. For the third quarter, you eat the meat, rice, and garnishing mixed with the dash broth. Finally, your last quarter is for you to eat any way you like!

We know it sounds a little complicated, but trust us - it was worth eating it this way.

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The restaurant also has a great selection of smaller bites. Our favourite was the Marbled Premium Wagyu Beef Sushi.

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Another divine dish you can have at Shin Nihon is the Premium Wagyu Avocado Yukke - a premium wagyu beef tartare mixed with avocado and raw egg. Yum

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For something light and fresh, you could try their best selling salad, the Yama Mori Kale Salad with parmesan cheese.

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Try out Japanese wagyu for yourself. Shin Nihon is located in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Address: No:26-G, Jalan 24/70A, 50480 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Desa Sri Hartamas

Opening Hours: 5:30pm to 1am (Mondays to Fridays)
                           12pm to 2:30pm, 5:30pm to 1am (Saturdays to Sundays)

Contact Details
: 03-2856-7350

More info on: Facebook

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