This Raya Video Depicts Touching Moments Of Malaysians Reuniting With Their Loved Ones

There really is no place like home. <3

Cover image via Sime Darby Property (YouTube)

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As the saying goes, "A home is more than just a house". It's a place where we feel loved, cherished, and secure.

With Raya right around the corner, leading property developer Sime Darby Property wants to add joy to this time of year by celebrating together with Malaysians, especially those who can finally be home with loved ones during this festive season.

In keeping with their "Raya Yang Dinantikan" campaign, Sime Darby Property just released their Raya video that showcases various families reuniting after being apart due to the pandemic

This video depicts the story of various Malaysians of different backgrounds finally coming home. However, balik kampung is more than just a journey. It's the return to a place where loved ones welcome us with excitement and a warm embrace – it's the return home.   

What sets Sime Darby Property's Raya video apart from others is that it highlights recent events such as the re-opening of the Singapore-Malaysian border, which tugged at our heartstrings due to the heartwarming reunions families had with one another. <3 

Watch the full video here:

With travel restrictions gradually being lifted as the country transitions to an endemic phase, this festive season is sure to be exceptional, since everyone will be able to reunite with their loved ones

A flurry of Malaysians are making their way back to their homeland from all around the world. Excitement is rife in the air as everyone is just so happy and emotional at finally being able to see their friends and family once again.

All over the news, we see our fellow Malaysians cheering in glee at the airport as they prepare to fly home, because everyone will be meeting familiar faces that they've missed so much.

The journey back home for Malaysians are sure to be emotional as well, especially knowing that their loved ones are eagerly awaiting their arrival

Be it reuniting with your children, parents, or spouses, that feeling of anticipation as you pass those familiar roads and reach your destination will become even stronger when making your way back home.

No feeling can compare to when you take the first step into your own house and embrace your family after what feels like an eternity

Undergoing a rush of emotions, seeing familiar faces greeting you must be so touching. So many nostalgic memories come pouring in, and you realise that your heart feels complete and whole again, because you've got everything you need right here with you, at home.

And once you're home, Raya festivities are made much more special when surrounded by friends and family

It really goes to show that celebrations mean the most when you're with your loved ones. Besides creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, you'll also be able to bond together, and make stronger connections with each other.

Ultimately, there's no place like home — it isn't just a structure that shields us from the elements; it's the people in it that welcome and love us through the ups and downs of life. <3

Understanding the importance of a home, Sime Darby Property wants to take this opportunity to give back to Malaysians who are looking to purchase a house of their own.

When buying a home, it's important to consider your family's current lifestyle and how you can grow together with the home. That's why Sime Darby Property developed their townships to make it suitable for building a family.

As a builder of homes, townships, and communities, the leading property developer celebrates the heart of what makes coming home more meaningful than ever. From the convenience of their locations to the comfort and space of the homes, you'll be able to find what your family needs.

Sime Darby Property also has some awesome Raya promos on their properties, allowing you to save your money this festive season!

Here are the deals that await you from now until 31 May:

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2. Save money on hefty Memorandum Of Transfer (MOT) fees as Sime Darby Property is offering a waiver on selected properties

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There are more than a few documents you need to keep track of when it comes to purchasing your ideal house. MOT is one of the most significant documents you'll encounter on your property purchase journey, but it also comes with a hefty price tag.

The good news is that Sime Darby Property is offering a waiver on MOT fees*, so you will be able to save your money. :D

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*Selected properties only. Terms and conditions apply.

3. Receive exclusive gifts from Sime Darby Property this festive season

The Exclusive Raya Gift is available if you book a home during the Raya 2022 Campaign (from now until May 31) and sign the SPA within 21 days of the booking date. So, be quick, because the exclusive gift is only available in limited quantities.

The gift will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis after the completion of the SPA, and only while stocks last. Don't miss out!

Whether you're looking for a landed property or a high-rise one, Sime Darby Property has an extensive range of choices for you to select from

As one of the local leading property developers, Sime Darby Property has built their fair share of beautiful residences that Malaysians have made their homes.  

PS: For even more Raya cheer, keep an eye out for Sime Darby Property's on-ground and virtual Raya events, so you can take part in the festive celebrations! Just visit their website to find out about the various showrooms that they're hosting their Raya open houses in, as well as other details like the time and dates.

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