9 Simple Things To Be Grateful For When A Festive Season Is In Full Swing

Because after all, who doesn't like to party?

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1. You can stay up past your usual bedtime, something you haven't done since you were in college

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2. And you don't have to set your alarm to wake you up early in the morning

3. Your drive around the city is pleasantly smooth. PJ to KL in 10 minutes? No problem.

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4. All the festive snacks, bazaars, and stalls give you a sensory overload. SO. MUCH. FOOD!

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You walk through the bazaar, the whiff of that juicy ayam percik makes your tongue salivate. You walk closer but then that murtabak stall next to it catches your eye. How lah?

5. Most endearing festive ads are on the roll...

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6. You voluntarily listen to local festive songs and thank radio stations they're playing it on loop

Everyone sing "Oh oh oh, balik kampung..."

7. Your extra duit raya gives you the opportunity to buy new things like clothes, furniture, and even cars

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It's all about SALES SALES SALES! Deck yourself out in new Raya gear and balik kampung in style in the new Honda CR-V because everyone in your family deserves it. You'd wish your drive was endless.

8. You get to soak in childhood memories of your hometown and reconnect with your oldest friends

"Remember that time when..." Every conversation when you hang out with your childhood friends.

9. We joke about taking advantage of a festive season we don't celebrate, but it truly gives you one more reason to go for that delayed getaway

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Enjoy your holidays guys!

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You know it's Raya when...