Singaporean Shares How He Was Stuck In Traffic For 9 Hours While Driving To Johor Bahru

"It was the worst jam I experienced in 20 years of driving to Johor," added the Singaporean man.

Cover image via COMPLAINT SINGAPORE (Facebook) & Yahoo News Singapore

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Traffic jams have become a displeasure that many Malaysians are accustomed to. But one Singaporean recently took to Facebook to express his frustrations after facing a massive congestion on his journey to Johor Bahru recently.

In a post made to the public Facebook group COMPLAINT SINGAPORE, a Singaporean named Eddy Wayne expressed his frustrations after being stuck in a traffic jam for over nine hours while travelling to Johor Bahru on 1 September.

"Soul destroying. It was the worst jam I experienced in 20 years of driving to Johor Bahru. Please learn from my mistake and avoid going to Johor on long weekends or any weekend actually," he wrote in the caption of his post.

Wayne also shared a couple of photos showing the long line of cars in front of him at 7pm while on the Malaysian-Singapore Second Link Bridge. He stated that he had initially started queueing there at 10am.

Images of the traffic jam experienced by the Facebook user.

Image via COMPLAINT SINGAPORE (Facebook)

Attracting a massive response online, both Malaysians and Singaporeans commented on how taxing it must have been for the driver to cross the bridge

Some users stated that they had noticed this traffic pattern, suggesting that the combination of school holidays in Singapore and the celebration of Hari Kebangsaan in Malaysia on 31 August likely contributed to the jam.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Another user stated that the traffic jam may have been caused by queue-cutting.

"They always cut into bus and lorry lanes, then cut back nearer to customs," he wrote.

Image via Facebook

However, others pushed back and stated that it should be common knowledge that traffic would be heavy after a holiday.

Image via Facebook

Others also shared similar instances they've experienced while travelling on the same bridge

Recounting a previous incident, one user said she was also stuck in traffic for nine hours on Christmas Eve to attend her sister-in-law's funeral in 2022.

"I never want to drive to Johor Bahru anymore on a weekend or a public holiday. Those nine hours were so stressful. But we made it on time and I was a zombie at night," she stated.

One user even mentioned that he experienced a more severe congestion during the Chinese New Year period, lasting 14 to 16 hours.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Nevertheless, some users couldn't resist making jokes at the poster's expense, with a few suggesting that Wayne would have saved more time by taking a flight instead.

"In nine hours, you can go back to my hometown of Kedah from Johor Bahru," jested one user.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

The moral of this story is simple: be cautious in deciding when you're going to take a long car ride

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