Woman Spends 27 Hours In 'Balik Kampung' Jam To Kelantan For Hari Raya Haji

Meanwhile, other drivers heading back to Kelantan also shared their woes.

Cover image via @norhasikinhashim (TikTok) , @rozlynrozular (TikTok) , @awepenjahat (TikTok)

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A woman from Kelantan spent 27 hours on the highway heading to Kelantan to celebrate Hari Raya Haji, also known as Hari Raya Aidiladha, last week

Sharing her woes on TikTok, user @norhasikinhashim said she left at 11pm on Tuesday, 27 June, and only arrived at her husband's hometown at 2am on Thursday, 29 June, the first day of Hari Raya Aidiladha.

"How do people from Kelantan always brave all this? Alhamdulillah, I reached my in-laws' home after spending 27 hours in the car," she wrote.

Her video has since garnered over 1.5 million views.

Many other drivers enroute to Kelantan from Klang Valley also shared their woes while heading back for the big holiday

"This is the pain we, out-of-towners, feel every time we have to go back for Raya," said another TikTok user, @rozlynrozular.

The woman shared that she spent about 11 hours driving from Sungai Buloh, Selangor to Machang, Kelantan on 29 June.

In her short nine-second video, she showed that she was even diverted to a small inner road to avoid the massive jam on the highways heading north.

"What kind of shortcut is this, Waze?" she questioned in her video, as the route took her onto a dirt road in the middle of a forest.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user also shared that she was on the road for 12 hours on Thursday, and was still stuck in Kuala Lipis, Pahang on the way back to her hometown.

"This is the Aidiladha mood. 12 hours and still yet to reach Kelantan soil," @awepenjahat wrote with a crying emoji.

Image via TikTok

The videos have collectively garnered millions of views, and thousands of netizens have commended the drivers for braving the traffic jam to see their families

"I, too, went back to Kelantan. The trip from Seri Kembangan to Gua Musang took me 19 hours. My husband is also from Kelantan, he said those heading home must always have a strong soul," a Twitter user said in good humour.

Image via TikTok

A netizen said, "This goes to show that people from Kelantan are the most patient people."

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, another said, "When you finally get to see the faces of your mother, father, and siblings, all your tiredness from the long and distant journey will disappear."

Image via TikTok

Watch the most viral video here:


Mcm mana laa orang kelantan tabah dalam mengadap semua ni . Alhamdullilah smpai rumah mertua setelah 27jam atas kereta#rayakelantan2023 #rayaaidiladha2023 #fyp

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This kind man spent his day giving away free drinks to drivers stuck in the traffic jam heading up north:

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