Report: Minister Allegedly Barges Into KLIA To Help A Chinese National Enter The Country

It is alleged that the minister has committed the same act three times so far.

Cover image via Bebas News

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A Cabinet minister is alleged to have abused his power to help a Chinese national, who was detained by the authorities, by barging into the arrival hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook confirmed the matter when speaking to reporters today, 30 June, reported Free Malaysia Today.

He said that airport authorities are currently investigating the matter, as the minister did not possess a pass to enter the area during the incident.

"Of course, safety protocols need to be followed," said Loke, adding, "We are leaving it to the airport authorities because they will be doing a detailed investigation."

The news portal reported that Loke's aide was unable to confirm whether the incident happened at KLIA Terminal 1 or 2.

The minister was said to have caused a commotion at the airport's arrival hall yesterday, 29 June

The Chinese woman, who was photographed wearing a white T-shirt, was reportedly detained upon landing on Wednesday, 28 June, reported Bebas News.

"When stopped, he used his minister's power and got angry at the KLIA auxiliary police and immigration officers while trying to save the Chinese woman who was detained for entering the country upon arrival yesterday (28 June)," the news portal quoted a source as saying.

It is reported that this was the third time that the minister had allegedly committed the same act. It is uncertain whether other detainees he had tried to help were Chinese nationals or of different nationalities.

Image via Bebas News

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