UUM Students Found Kibbles Mixed With Rat Poison After 10 Stray Cats Died At Hostel

Several students said the cats were well-liked and that the incident shocked them.

Cover image via @AzhreenShaari (Twitter)

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Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic images of animal corpses. Reader discretion is advised.

Students at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) recently expressed their outrage on social media after several cats were found dead around the hostel on campus

Twitter user @AzhreenShaari said a total of nine cats were found dead on the morning of Wednesday, 28 June.

They also shared videos of four kittens convulsing on the ground and inside a drain after allegedly being poisoned.

"Where is humanity? We urge UUM to take immediate action," the user wrote on Twitter.

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Two of the nine cats that died around UUM's hostel.

Two of the nine cats that died around UUM's hostel.

Image via @AzhreenShaari (Twitter)

The student said that all nine cats died after allegedly suffering from the same symptoms

They later discovered that all of the cats had been eating from the same bowl, which, upon closer inspection, was found to contain both kibbles and rat poison.

Syafiq Aiman, a student at the university, told MalaysiaGazette that this was not the first time such an incident occurred at UUM.

"Actually, a similar case happened a few years ago but it wasn't as bad as this," he said.

Following the discovery of nine dead cats, another feline was found convulsing on the ground before dying on the evening of Wednesday.

After suffering for a few minutes, the cat eventually died.

Kibbles mixed with rat poison from the bowl the cats ate from.

Image via @AzhreenShaari (Twitter)

Several Twitter users claimed that the cats were always well-liked by the students

"Oh my God, these cats were all well taken care of there. Who would be so cruel to poison them?" one user asked.

Image via Twitter

Another user shared photos of the cats accompanying them while they were living at the hostel.

"Rest in peace (RIP) Mitam, Abang, and Oyeng. Please pray for me, I will miss you. Thank you for always accompanying me when I'm alone in my room. I'm sorry, dear. This world is just too cruel for you guys," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

"Aww, my little baby," another user cried.

Image via Twitter

SAYS has reached out to UUM for comments regarding the incident but has yet to receive a reply.

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