Singapore’s Biggest Ramadan Bazaar Is Back! Here Are 12 Insta-Worthy Dishes You’ll Love

From deep fried giant squid to edible helium balloons, this bazaar has it all and MORE!

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Dubbed the "mother of all pasar malams", Geylang Serai is the largest bazaar of its kind in Singapore, and has been gaining a huge following through the years for its extensive and eclectic collection of food stalls

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Bigger, better, and more atas than ever, it's being held over a longer period of time this year, from 12 May to 14 June. More time to test out all the tantalising treats offered!

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With over 800 stalls, selling everything from traditional kuih-muih to trendy Insta-worthy eats, here are 12 drool-worthy dishes to check out when you're here:

1. Taco Ice-Cream Rolls @ Happy Rollies

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Those trendy Thailand rolled ice-cream just got an upgrade! Get yours wrapped in a crunchy colourful sugar-cone taco shell, topped with all your rainbow sweet-tooth goodness like fruit pebbles, sprinkles, roasted marshmallows and even chocolate chip cookies. Popular flavours include red velvet cream cheese, green matcha and choco charcoal.

Stall location : Stall 212 at 12 Haig Road

2. Cheese Loaded Fries @ Katoshka

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For a carb-loaded meal (that’s definitely worth the calories), head over to this premium fries specialist for a cup of their freshly fried chunky russet potato fries, doused to the brim with their special gooey cheese sauce. What no-carb diet amirite?

Stall location :
Stall 32 at Onan Road 

3. Succulent Ribs in a Cup @ WORD.

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When it comes to mouth-watering food, check out WORD's fall-of-the-bone lamb or beef ribs in a cup, served with a choice of biryani or fries. Other delicious treats from this stall include their Chilli Beef Fries, Coney Dog and their Grilled Cheese Burger.

Stall location :
Stall 39 at Wisma Geylang Serai | Stall 226 at Geylang Serai Market | Stall 26 at Tanjong Katong Complex

4. Giant Deep Fried Squid @ UYI Savoury Squids

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The sole reason for squid-faced people on your Insta feed, UYI gives you a tantalising taste of the ocean with their golden fried and perfectly spiced giant squid-on-a-stick; it's the perfect on-the-go snack you can easily carry around while you stroll through the huge bazaar.

Stall location : Stall 219 & 220 at Geylang Serai Market

5. Meatballs in a Bucket @ Sofnade

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Devour your perfectly seasoned and slow cooked chicken or beef meatballs with a healthy serving of mash, drowned in cheese sauce and topped with some crispy twisty fries. Craving something more traditional? Try their special Chicken Meatball Satay, served with ketupat cubes, drowned in sweet peanut sauce.

Stall location : Stall 512 Tanjong Katong Complex | Stall 243, 244 at Haig Road

6. Everything #CheesePorn @ Raclette Factory

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Feast your eyes before you fill your stomach, as your server slides a generous amount of torched smoky French cheese onto your perfectly golden roasted potatoes. This is the mother of all #cheeseporn posts.

Stall location :
Stall 221 at 12 Haig Road & Muslim Converts Association

7. D24 Durian Churros @ Loco Loco

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Get your favourite Mexican sugar coated snack in hyper localised flavours. Feeling something savoury? Try their signature Chilli Crab Churros or their Salted Egg Yolk Churros. Craving something sweet? Check out their Pandan Churros or their D24 Durian Churros. Even better, get their Churros platter and choose all your desired flavours!

Stall location : Stall 11 & 12 at Tanjong Katong Complex

8. Chocolate Cheese Martabak Manis @ Markozar

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Cure your sweet tooth cravings with this popular Martabak Manis (basically a next-level apam balik). Savour the crunchy golden crust filled with a generous grating of cheese and a lengthy drizzle of chocolate sauce. Also try their Ferrero Banana Cheese, which is a serving of Pisang Goreng, smothered with rich chocolate fondue and topped with grated cheese.

Stall location :
Stall 10 at Tanjong Katong Complex | Stall 202 at Muslim Converts' Association.

9. Halal Mentaiko Beef Cubes @ Beef Bro

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For all meat lovers, this stall serves Singapore’s halal version of Taiwan’s popular beef cubes dish. Get your cravings fixed with 200g of premium Australian rump beef steak cubes, tenderly cooked and torched to caramelised perfection, complemented by a choice of Barbecue, Garlic Chili or Sambal Belacan Sauce. 

Stall Location : Stall GS70 at Lorong Sireh Pinang / Tanjong Katong Complex Carpark

10. Edible Helium Balloon @ Rainbow Works

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Serving some truly magical desserts, beat the heat with Rainbow Work’s pastel coloured soft-serve ice cream sprinkled with everything rainbow, complete with an edible helium balloon!  You can also try their Flaming Unicorn Ice Cream that’s made to impress, complete with a full fire stunt! 

Stall location : Stall 229 at Onan Rd | Stall 21 at Tanjong Katong Complex 

11. Rainbow Cheese Grilled Sandwich @ Take A Bite

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Not your ordinary grilled cheese sandwich, pull the rainbow between two slices of golden charred toast filled with gooey rainbow coloured cheese! Now who said Instagrammable food can’t look AND taste great at the same time?

Stall location : Stall 191 & 192 Geylang Serai Market (next to Haig Road Food Centre)

12. Rojak Buah @ Kreyv

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Even traditional food is Insta-worthy here! Feast on Kreyv’s Rojak bowl, for a tub of fresh crunchy fruits and veggies, topped with delicious shrimp paste with a healthy sprinkle of peanut. You can also take back a jar of various pickled fruits and veggies, made with fresh ingredients imported from Thailand.

Stall location :
Stall 41 at Engku Aman Rd

Salivating? Plan a trip down to Geylang Serai before it ends on 14 June! Check out the bazaar details below:

Location: 1 Geylang Serai Singapore, 402001, Singapore.

Opening hours: Around 3pm till late night (vary from stall to stall)

More info: Facebook

Which one of these tantalising treats are you looking forward have to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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