9 Golden Items To Maximise Your Luggage Space The Next Time You Pack

Travelling on a budget doesn't have to be stressful.

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1. These lightweight packing cubes that let you know exactly where everything is

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If you're using a big bag, then these cubes would give your bag some structure so that you can easily organise your items in a fast way.

They're especially useful for long trips or if you're sharing a suitcase with someone, so you'll be able to separate your things in whichever way you prefer. You'll be extremely thankful when you can take out the items you need without needing to rummage through everything. 

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2. Travel comfortably without sacrificing space with this neat and tidy 2-in-1 pillow blanket combo

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Keep cozy everywhere, anywhere with this multipurpose pillow that comes with a built-in blanket - perfect for flying or when you're on road trips.

Just unzip the pillow and take out the soft blanket hidden inside it to snuggle underneath it.

We won't judge you if you're getting one on Lazada or 11Street. ;)

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3. Put all your cards, passport, and even money into a single organiser for a seamless travel experience

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Get an organiser with multi compartments to keep all your vacation essentials - from your passport to your travel itinerary - in one place.

Never miss or misplace those important travel documents, and you can easily get access to everything that you need at one glance. 

Get one on Lazada or 11Street.

4. Keep all your toiletries and beauty products organised with this fashionable pouch

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If you hate the idea of mixing all of your toiletries together, then this practical toiletry bag with plenty of compartments to store your toiletries and small personal items would be the thing to bring along when travelling. 

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5. A small pouch for your cosmetics could be a real life-saver because you don't have to dig through your carry-on

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This inexpensive, pretty pouch comes in a compact design to put all your make-up and cosmetic essentials in only one place.

A great alternative and definitely a better option than using a plastic ziplock bag.

Get it on Lazada or 11Street. 

6. Compress your bulky clothes with this vacuum bag that works by just rolling up - no vacuum required!

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You don't have to worry about space or feel overwhelmed with packing and unpacking as long as you have these roll-up vacuum bags.

In fact, you may just have double up the storage space in your luggage bag, something that you'll appreciate when you have your newly-bought items from your shopping to store.  

Get it on Lazada.

7. Get this foldable water bottle if you don't want to lug around with a bulky one when travelling

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Most water bottles are lightweight but what sets this apart from the rest is that this one can be folded. 

Collapsible water bottles are becoming increasingly popular because they are a good choice for outdoor use and extremely space-friendly, especially when it's empty. 

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8. A flexible storage bag to keep your undergarments from a pile of mess

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If you don't need a whole set of packing cubes for your luggage bag, this could be sufficient to separate out your undergarments. 

Not only you keep your underwear from getting mixed up with the rest of the things in your luggage, you can also use the additional space to store other small essential items used for your travelling. 

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9. This nifty digital weighing scale that will be super handy to avoid excess baggage charges

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A digital weighing scale is portable these days, so you can use it anytime and anywhere to monitor how much your bag weighs whenever you are travelling.

This is a great item to have because it'll definitely save you the hassle of only knowing how much your bag weighs when you’re at the check-in counter and risk paying extra for excess baggage.

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When you pack, don't leave anything important behind. Ever. And travel safe!

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