The Absolutely Unsettling Reason Why You Are Addicted To Your Smartphone

Heavy usage of smartphones could be linked to the desire of shutting out from reality.

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Undeniably, smartphones have become a part of us.

We bring them everywhere we go. At night, the soft glow of the screen is the only light source we feed on. Some of us might even fall asleep next to our smartphones.

Looks familiar?

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Here's the bad news - our addiction to smartphones could be a sign of anxiety!

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According to a published study, heavy usage of smartphones - particularly apps and entertainment features - could link to a need to shut down from reality and escape unpleasant feelings

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The study was published in Computers in Human Behavior, a scholarly journal dedicated to examining the use of computers from a psychological perspective.

Researchers from the University of Illinois examined 72 students with questionnaires that addressed mental health and usage of smartphones

The University of Illinois.

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"Handheld devices, with their countless applications and entertainment options and their constant presence at our fingertips, make it easier than ever before to disconnect with the problems [and] stresses of reality, and avoid actively engaging with them," observed the study co-author Tayana Panova.

After answering the questionnaires, the researchers then put the students in an anxiety-inducing situation by making them write down their personal flaw and weakness in 5 minutes

During the test, a third of participants had no access to their smartphone or any other device, another third had access to their smartphone, and a final group had access to a basic video game.

The participants then had to wait for 10 minutes while the writings were supposedly reviewed.

The study found that 64% of students with access to their smartphones had low anxiety levels. However, out of the students who had access to smartphones that felt anxious, a staggering 82% used their smartphones during the test

Conversely, 50% of non-stressed participants reached for their cellphone compared with 25% of the video game group.

Researchers conclude that smartphones act as a 'security blanket' that provides comfort and assurance to anxious users

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However, the researchers stressed that by owning a smartphone wouldn't determine whether they would develop this kind of habit. They stressed that it's a person's underlying feelings and emotions.

They further suggested that this could make users more vulnerable to anxiety since their feelings are not expressed. In the long run, this could have an adverse effect on mental health!

So guys, let this be a good reminder for us to take a break from our devices once in a while!

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Do you use your smartphone before you sleep? Maybe it's time to stop...

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