Amp Up The Festivities With This Non-Alcoholic Drink That's Surprisingly Refreshing

Enjoy the same refreshing taste of Somersby, minus the buzz! :D

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and things feel extra lively this year!

From all the extravagant decor at the malls, to CNY music blasting everywhere you go, this year's celebrations seem to be kicking up a notch. Huat ah!

And with all the meet-ups with friends and family gatherings lined up, you're probably already busy planning where to makan, what to cook, and how to entertain your guests.

This year, if you're looking to wow your guests and get everyone in the festive mood, Somersby Apple 0.0 has gotchu covered!

Image via SAYS

Instead of serving up your usual packet drinks, make new CNY traditions by introducing your loved ones to Somersby Apple 0.0.

Somersby Apple 0.0 is a delicious sparkling fruit drink bursting with apple flavours. It's an excellent accompaniment for any occasion, be it a reunion dinner, home visits, or outings with your pals! 

The great thing about Somersby Apple 0.0 is that it's brewed with no alcohol β€” enjoy the same refreshing taste of Somersby, minus the buzz, yassss!

It's an alcohol-free alternative, allowing you to be a part of the celebrations without the effects of alcohol, boo yeah!

And the best way to enjoy Somersby Apple 0.0 is... on the rocks, of course!

Image via SAYS

That's right. The easy-to-drink beverage is best enjoyed over ice, giving you refreshing fruity flavours. Just imagine having this during a hot day β€” nice lahhhh. 

And while the Somersby 0.0 can be enjoyed with basically any meal (even CNY snacks and meals!), for the best gastronomy experience, try pairing it with pulled pork, carbonara, salad with walnuts, or a caramel dessert, mmm! 

So, whatchu waiting for? Make new CNY traditions with this refreshingly non-alcoholic Somersby Apple 0.0 this festive season by heading to Shopee to purchase their cans!

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