This Chic Yet Effortless Apple Cider Sangria Is Beyond Refreshing

You'll be surprised by how easy it is to make!

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Just imagine this - a glass of icy, cold sangria made with a combination of Strongbow Apple Ciders, fresh fruits, and cool mint on a hot sunny day. Ahhh, bliss!

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Make this at your next party! Your guests will definitely be impressed. ;)

The refreshing taste of Strongbow Apple Ciders are made from real apples, in a variety of modern flavours. Crisp and bubbly, the Strongbow range has something to offer to everyone. Have a chilled glass, served over ice for that extra refreshing taste.

Here's the full recipe:


500g Strawberries
4 Key Limes
2 tbsp Mint Leaves
1 bottle Strongbow Gold Apple
1 bottle Strongbow Elderflower
1 bottle Strongbow Honey

For garnish - orange zest, red apple peel, rosemary


1. Hull the strawberries and cut them in half. Soak them in Strongbow Gold Apple for 2 to 3 hours or refrigerate overnight in a jug or mixing bowl.
2. Cut the limes into thin slices and finely chop the mint leaves. Place them into a jug and pour in the Strongbow Elderflower. Stir then let chill.
3. When ready to serve, combine both the mixture together.
4. Pour the mixture over ice in individual glasses halfway. Then top them off with some Strongbow Honey.
5. Garnish with orange zest, apple peel, and rosemary.
6. Serve and enjoy. Cheers!

Know what would go well with this refreshing apple cider sangria? Some crispy skin siew yoke. Mmmmm...