Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special With The Stylish Galaxy Watch6 Series This Holiday

Enjoy exclusive deals worth up to RM727 when you get yours before 31 December!

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With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be looking for a stylish gift that'll make your loved ones feel extra special

Image via Samsung

And what better way to do so than with a gift that lets them express their unique style and personality, while matching any outfit and mood?

Whether you want to celebrate a milestone, express your gratitude, or simply show you care, Samsung's all-new Galaxy Watch6 series is a perfect gift this Christmas. Plus, it's a masterpiece of craftsmanship, a statement of style, and a reflection of your personality.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic, a new range of stylish smartwatches. Here's a closer look at all of its features:

1. First things first, the Galaxy Watch6 series is customisable and adaptable

Image via Samsung

Style is personal, and everyone has their own preferences and tastes, which is why this smartwatch can be personalised to fit your look.

Wanting a sportier and rugged look? Go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. They come with casual sports straps suitable for light exercises, and are available in fun hues like Icy Blue, Mint or Apricot. For more intense workouts, opt for extreme sports straps made with fluoroelastomer. These are built for durability, while the perforations ensure better breathability.

Whereas, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is the epitome of timeless elegance—it's adorned with a stainless steel body and eco leather straps, making it a fitting choice for formal events and corporate meetings. Straps come in a modern Hybrid Eco-Leather in Camel, Indigo, Silver, Etoupe, Black, and Blue, with either eyelets or D-buckle closure.

Whether you need a watch for fitness, work, or leisure, the Galaxy Watch6 lineup has something for everyone.

Image via Samsung

The smartwatch has been redesigned with a trimmed-down watch form, making it easier to wear. It also offers a seamless fit and a timeless circular design that are both ultra-comfortable and lightweight.

You can detach your watch straps easily with just a click. Then, you can swap them for different styles that suit your workout or go-out mood. The band guide ensures a smooth alignment and a satisfying click when you reattach them.

Image via Samsung

The best part about these watches is their dynamic watch faces. Nothing can compare to the fusion of smart and drip, especially with the endless choices of watch faces to choose from.

You can customise your watch faces based on your personality or the occasions you're attending. If you're in a meeting and need to be elegant, switch to the classic look. If you're feeling a little upbeat for the day, you can change to the cute faces with cartoons. Or, if you're planning for a run, switch to the sports face mode to keep track of your heart rate and running distance. How cool is that!

2. Make the most of the Samsung ecosystem with your Galaxy Watch6 series

Image via Samsung

What's cool about having the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone is the way they interact seamlessly with each other.

For instance, you can use your Galaxy Watch6 series to control your phone's camera, making it easy to take big family portraits or take travel vlogs. Your watch also syncs with your phone, so you can play your favourite music, make calls, and text without any hassle.

Plus, the watch makes it easy to keep track of your Galaxy smartphone. In fact, with the SmartThings app, the Galaxy Watch6 series will let you know if you've left your phone behind and help you track it down with a map.

3. More than just its stunning looks, the Galaxy Watch6 series has amazing features that work seamlessly with your everyday activities

Image via Samsung

Health is wealth, and we all want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. That's why the Galaxy Watch6 series are complete with all kinds of health and wellness features. This ranges from features that monitor your health and fitness in real time, to sensors that can even measure your blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and body composition.

Keep up with your world through seamless smartphone synchronisation, track your wellbeing with precise fitness monitoring, and enjoy a world of apps that cater to your daily needs. This is more than a watch; it's a companion that adapts to your lifestyle, making it your constant, versatile partner.

4. All it takes is three simple steps to craft your very own personalised timepiece

Image via Samsung

STEP 1: Customise your watch case. Choose between Watch6 or Watch6 Classic, either silver or black colour depending on your personality and preference.

STEP 2: Customise your strap. Choose from a variety of straps, in different colours and patterns. Whether you want a modern style for corporate meetings, a fun and casual look for hanging out with friends, or a health and sports theme for sports-related occasions, you can find the perfect strap for you.

STEP 3: Customise your watch face. Choose from a broad range of watch faces to perfectly complement your style.

And voila! You are ready to own yourself a unique smartwatch that expresses your personality.

Whatchu waiting for? Get your hands on these stylish smartwatches before 31 December and enjoy exclusive deals¹ worth up to RM727, as well as a complimentary gift box!

Image via Samsung

- Get a free watch strap² worth up to RM239 when you buy a customisable Samsung smartwatch

- Get a free 15W charger³ worth RM59 and a free Watch Cradle worth RM129 when you buy a customisable Samsung smartwatch

- Also, save up to RM300 in trade-in rebate when you trade in your old smartwatch for a customisable Samsung smartwatch

¹Promotion valid while stocks last. ²Applicable to selected watch straps only. Colour and band availability may vary depending on country or carrier. ³In white or black colour and subject to stock availability. ⁴Any device condition is accepted. Applicable to selected locations and devices only. Terms and conditions apply. Visit Samsung's website for more details.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series on their website today!

Or, head over to Galaxy Watch Studio or a Samsung Experience Store to start customising your own timepiece.

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