Subway Launches Everyday Value Meals, Perfect If You're Eating On A Budget

Who says eating healthy has to be expensive?

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So you're trying to eat healthier these days...

But eating healthy can be soooooo expensive!

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And let's face it, we all wanna be healthier but many of us can't afford to spend top dollar on clean eats every day

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You're quickly going to blow your weekly makan budget :(

With these struggles in mind, SUBWAY has just announced their Everyday Value Meals, providing us with great eats at affordable prices

For just RM11.90, you get a 6" sub, a 16oz drink, and a cookie! There are 5 varieties to choose from.

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Here are the delicious selection that will keep your tummy full:

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Black Pepper Mayo Chicken - Tantalising chicken, paired with black pepper mayo, and topped with your favourite ingredients.

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Meatball Marinara - Zesty, juicy Italian-style meatballs covered with tomato marinara sauce. Extra yummy when toasted!

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Seafood Sensation - Loaded with sweet, tender chunks of seafood blended with creamy light mayonnaise to make a delightfully delicious sub.

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Veggie Delite™ - A fresh combination of juicy lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and your choice of condiments served on freshly baked bread.

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BBQ Chicken - Succulent chicken topped with flavourful BBQ sauce served and your top condiment picks.

Treat yourself to a delicious value meal at SUBWAY today!

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