Here Are The 10 Most Photo-Worthy Spots In Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

It's so much more than just a theme park!

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A theme park isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think about where to take gorgeous photos, but that's exactly what Sunway Lost World of Tambun is!

Located in the heart of Ipoh city, Sunway Lost World of Tambun is more than just a theme park, it's a destination. Consisting of both Day and Night theme parks, it's non-stop action the moment you step behind their majestic walls.

On top of epic rides and cool attractions, there are loads of beautiful and unique spots that are totally photo-worthy!

It's open from 11am - 11pm daily, so just imagine how many photos you can take. Make sure to empty your phone space or bring along an extra memory card for your camera so you can go shutter-crazy.

Here are the most photo-worthy spots in Sunway Lost World of Tambun:

1. Dulang Tea House: Fill your feed with mouthwatering #foodporn shots

Nestled within a 400 million-year-old limestone cave, lies this old-school kopitiam that serves freshly brewed local coffee, roasted rice tea, thick pieces of roti bakar served with either butter and kaya or chicken curry, wobbly telur ayam kampung, as well as classic snacks like roti tumbuk and biskut lutut.

Order a bit of everything to get an epic flatlay or play with angles to perfectly capture the magnificent surroundings.

2. Floating Villa: Capture stunning views as you sleep under a canopy of stars

How often will you be able to say that you got to sleep over in a theme park? Plus, it's not normal camping, it's glamping in style!

Live out your #richkidsinMalaysia dreams as you chill on the floating villa while taking in gorgeous views of the lake, surrounding nature, and the stars. Your friends won't believe that you're in Malaysia, let alone in a theme park!

3. Tiger Valley: Show off how you're taking a walk on the wild side

Be awed as you watch Siberian Tigers unleash their agility, strength, and power in the Tiger Feeding Show and witness their excellent climbing and swimming skills. You'll have to be just as fast as they are if you wanna capture some glorious shots or even get an epic boomerang of them in action.

4. Needle of Tambun: Prove how daring you are with shots of an epic climb

There's no need to go all the way to places like Guilin in China to take photos of incredible rock formations, the Needle of Tambun rivals them all. What once was an outpost for real life elephants to transport tin ore, now poses an incredible challenge for rock climbing enthusiasts.

Take on one of the 50 routes available to climb up the towering 40-metre stand alone rock formation, and snap some amazing shots along the way, whether it's of climbers in action or of the Needle itself.

5. Wetlands: Get awesome nature photos without having to deal with mosquitoes or the bad swamp smell

You don't have to spend hours trekking deep into jungles just to get cool nature shots. At the Wetlands, you'll be surrounded with so much lush greenery and be able to breathe in that fresh mountain air. Take a moment to chill and unwind from the hectic city life while you take lots of pics!

6. Hippo Kingdom: Make it look like you're BFFs with Juwita, the super friendly hippo

While Juwita has a whole pond to swim around in, she prefers to stay submerged underwater for hours at a time. Head over to the underground viewing room to hang out with her. Strike a cute pose and angle your shots right to take fun photos of you chilling with your new best buddy.

7. Tasik Boga: Chill out by the lake and play with reflections to get pretty photos

Legend has it that the lake was named after Tok Boga, a dragon that still lives under the waters to this day! Keep an eye out for him as you admire the lake's beauty while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere or trying your hand at all kinds of cool water activities.

Bring along a waterproof case so you can capture how beautiful everything is without having to worry about damaging your camera or phone. Try using the reflection to get some epic photos.

8. Giraffe and Friends: Get up close and personal with a loving giraffe couple

Experience a little bit of Africa as you watch these gentle animals roam around. Named Sunshine and Rain, this adorable giraffe pair are total #couplegoals and you can even feed them yourself! With the right timing, you'll be able to get super cute photos of them cuddling with each other or of yourself feeding them.

9. Luminous Forest: Light up your feed with some magical, ethereal photos of another world

Enter by crossing the Bridge of Luminosa and prepare to be amazed by the glittering galaxy that is Luminous Forest, a mystical realm home to magical glowing flowers and giant mysterious creatures all lit up to illuminate the forest in darkness.

This hidden sparkling forest is the perfect place to experiment with your low light settings or test out your night mode capabilities.

10. Ipoh Street: Get that quintessential Ipoh shot, full of local vibes

Modelled after a typical street in Ipoh town, Ipoh Street is every bit as charming as the original. Whether you wanna photograph the art-lined streets or practice your food photography skills on popular local street food and snacks, this is the place to be.

Head on over to Sunway Lost World of Tambun today for an unforgettable day of fun!

More photo-worthy opportunities are coming soon with the opening of Malayana Rainfortress at the end of 2019 - a cinematic 360° immersive ride in the middle of Lost World Of Tambun.

Click here for more information.

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