13 Reasons Why You Should Support Local Fashion And Beauty Brands


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We have a general tendency to favour international brands over local ones

While in the past it may have been true that overseas brands provided better quality, times have changed and our local brands have definitely upped their game.

Picksum is a new platform where you can shop for quality local products online. It features a range of brands providing fashion and beauty goods that are definitely worth checking out! Get more deets at the bottom of this story ;)

In partnership with Picksum, here are the top 13 reasons why we should all support local fashion and beauty brands:

1. The designs are catered to everyday Malaysians

Our unique slang, local tastes, rich heritage and culture tend to be inspiration for a lot of local designs. 

2. You’re helping build the nation’s economy yay!

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3. You get to know the people behind the brand

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Just like this young Malaysian who made RM1 million in less than a year with Hipster Pomade.

4. That also means you get more personalized service <3

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If you have a question, have special preferences, or need help, you can just ask. Can't really say the same for big retail stores :)

5. The designs will be unique and not found anywhere else in the world

Why dress like everybody else? Shop local for trendy fashion you can't find elsewhere.

6. Local quality is just as good, if not better, than international brands

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Rather than churning out designs by the millions in cheaper warehouses every month, local designers tend to make smaller quantities at a time and take a lot of care in the quality of each item.

7. Local designers understand hijabis

All hijabis know the struggle of shopping from international brands. The great thing about local brands is that they understand the struggles and give us solutions!

8. And you can get a full range of hijabs that suit our climate when you shop local

9. It's awesome to celebrate our local culture

Whether it's batik, cheongsams, saris, or sarongs, there's no denying our awesome cultural heritage!

10. Nobody knows local street style better than well... locals!

11. Local beauty brands know how diverse our skin tones are

Many international brands cater to fairer complexions. But we come in so many different shades, and local beauty brands not only understand this, they celebrate it!

12. Plus, these beauty brands know our weather...

Malaysian ladies all know the challenges of wearing makeup in our humid weather.

13. And of course... #MalaysiaBoleh #Negaraku

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There are so many positives to supporting local brands, not just to help these budding entrepreneurs, but for you too!

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Now it's even easier to support and shop for local products with Picksum

Tipped to be your local fashion playground, Picksum is the only e-commerce platform in Malaysia that offers curated, high quality, local products.

You'll find a wide variety of brands that include both fashion, accessories, skincare, and beauty. Each product on the site has been filtered and specially selected, housing only the best of local goods!

The current brands on Picksum include: The Cap City, Negative, StickyBox, Rumpun Batik, 51st May, Putri N Rex, Kampong Traveller, Null&Subtle Co., Solipsistic, Dyan Women's Beauty, Hipster Pomade, Sangat Style, Breena Beauty, VOID MOB Apparel,, and Tuatu. Expect even more brands soon!

#GoPicksum local fashion and beauty brands at Picksum now!

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