Tealive Introduces Collagen Boosters And 3 Other Add-Ons To Level Up Your Bubble Tea

They even have one for gym-goers!

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Tealive just introduced a series of boosters-on-the-go called Tealive+

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Tealive just made their tea better by rolling out the Tealive+ option, which consists of four different types of daily supplements which you can add to any of your favourite bubble tea. Described as boosters-on-the-go, these add-ons come inside mini sachets that can be easily added to your Tealive drink. 

For just RM2, you can add one of these boosters-on-the-go to your drink:

1. Refresh and recharge with the Energy pack

Specially designed to help you cruise through a long day of work, and appear energised for every single meeting throughout the day.

Tealive's Energy booster packet is filled with Vitamin B and guarana extract. Not only do these active ingredients provide you with the extra energy you need, they also increase your body's metabolism.

2. Prepare for the gym with the Protein booster

If you're thinking of hitting the gym later, prep yourself by adding the Protein pack to your favourite Tealive drink. This booster contains whey protein and broccoli extract to help you enhance muscle strength. 

3. Strengthen your immune system with the Antioxidant add-on

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The Antioxidant add-on is the best for any occasion - it's great for improving your immune system, and even repairs damaged skin. Tealive made theirs using acerola extract, noni fruit, and multi berries. 

4. Or get radiant skin with their Collagen packet

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This is the booster you should go for if you want to get beautiful-looking skin. The Collagen pack is made using fish collagen, which improves skin suppleness and prevents wrinkles - giving you smooth and young skin. 

Give your favourite bubble tea a little boost with Tealive+ today!

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