22 Struggles Only People Who've Rented A Room Can Relate To

It's a hard tenant life.

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1. Having to fork out cash for the 2-month deposit requirement

Who can afford to pay THAT much money upfront?!

2. When the landlord promises to get the furniture prepped and the repairs done before you move in... but everything is in the same rundown shape when you actually do

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"You promised me a bed, a cupboard, and a desk. YOU ONLY GAVE ME A BED!"

3. The heartbreak of having to put aside a huge chunk of your paycheck for rent and bills. You could be using that money to save for a house! :(

4. Not turning on the air-con although the heat is unbearable because you don't want to pay more for electricity

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Especially if your rental has a separate meter for air-conditioning. TURN OFF ALL THE SWITCHES.

5. Having to constantly bombard your landlord for urgent repairs. The worst part is, they don't respond to your calls or texts for days... or even weeks!

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Plus, you don't really wanna fork out your own money to get it fixed coz what if your landlord decides to NOT pay you back? :O

6. One thing gets fixed, SOMETHING ELSE decides to break or start leaking, so you have to go through the entire cycle of communication breakdowns with your landlord again

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7. The many, many restrictions imposed by your landlord - no cooking, no pets, no plants, no re-painting the walls, no hanging mirrors or paintings on the wall... the list goes on

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If your landlord doesn't mind you doing any of those things, you're one of the lucky ones.

8. There is never enough space to store your stuff, so you end up lumping your dry food items in the bookshelf with your books or just "storing" them on a table

A messy table is a creative space... not.

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You can't even buy too many groceries because you're worried about the lack of space in the communal fridge!

9. Being greeted by the "heavenly scent" of smelly shoes and damp socks the moment you open the door

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10. Communal kitchens are the worst. There is always that one housemate who leaves their bowl of leftovers in the sink until mold starts growing or refuses to wipe the counters clean after they're done prepping their food.

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Let's not even get started on whose turn it is to take out the rubbish.

11. Actually, scratch that. SHARING BATHROOMS are worse. Clumps of hair clogging up the drain, anyone?

God knows how many unicellular organisms are making the toilet and bathroom floor their home because no one wants to scrub them clean. *shudders*

12. Messy housemates. You never cease to be amazed that some grown-ups still haven't learnt to pick up after themselves.

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Hair all over the place, clothes all over the floor, rubbish everywhere else EXCEPT the rubbish bin... need we go on?

13. Housemates who keep stealing your food although you've labelled all of them and probably stuck passive aggressive notes all over them

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14. Housemates who think water and electricity are free

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Honestly guys, it's not that hard to switch off the fan or lights and NOT leave the water running!

15. Housemates who hog the already-slow Wi-Fi with endless gaming sessions and/or constant torrenting/streaming. *RAGEQUITS*

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16. Housemates who have obviously not heard of the saying "silence is golden"

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A shoutout to those who come home at ungodly hours AND make a racket to announce their arrival.

17. Unless you've paid extra for a designated parking spot, you've definitely fought with your housemates over prime parking spots

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18. *goes to do laundry* Oh, someone else is doing theirs. *lugs laundry basket back to room*

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That's why I always do my laundry after midnight.

19. You have no idea if you've ever received any mail because... you don't even know where it goes

Does anyone even HAVE the key to the mailbox?

20. Getting stuck in AND out of the house when you left your keys in your room or forget where you left them

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Multiple credit cards and failed lock-picking attempts later, you give up and call the locksmith instead.

21. Living in fear that you will die alone and no one will discover your body until it's too late because you don't really talk to your housemates

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22. Always wondering if your landlord will hike up your rent and wanting to find somewhere better, but decide to stay on because you're too afraid of ending up in a worse dump than where you're at right now

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Daily mantra: "Things could be worse, things could be worse, things could be worse..."

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