5 Apps And Services For Anyone Who’s Looking For A Place To Rent

Trust us, we know renting in Malaysia can be a pretty lengthy and troublesome process.

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Remember the last time you searched high and low for a room to rent? Chances are, it probably took a long while before you found one that's reasonably priced and adequately furnished.

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You see, renting in Malaysia has always been about jotting down numbers of agents' names and numbers on banners from gates or walls - it's pretty old school, to say the least.

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But, times have changed! Technology has made every aspect of our lives better - including room renting. Below are some of the best apps and services to help you find the perfect room, without the hassle:

1. MyRent: One of the best features of this app is the need to link Facebook as a security measure, which means you could check through the details of potential landlords

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Snagging approximately ten landlords within their first week, myRent promises a breezy and worry-free renting process to not only its tenants but for landlords as well. With mobile phones being as common as birds nowadays, myRent enables its users to view rental listings from anywhere at all; may it be your bed or from the comforts of your toilet.
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Not only is this app accessible, it is one step ahead of its peers by linking Facebook to be used as a security measure wherein it allows tenants to vet through their choices by checking if they have any mutual Facebook friends with potential landlords.

There's also the added advantage of dealing directly with the landlords themselves and skipping through the middleman. This saves a lot of time trading back and forth and enables renters to nip straight to the bud.

Download MyRent on Google Playstore.

2. Roomly: Using its Match & Notification feature, the app matches renters with potential landlords through specific criterias

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Roomly uses a matchmaking mechanism that helps a right tenant to a right property. Renting becomes easier and faster with its unique Match & Notification Engine. You can fill in your preferences and the app will do the work - a message notification will pop when the right room is found.

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Feel free to use the app's inbuilt messaging app to talk to potential landlords. Very useful and convenient feature as tenants could go straight to the landlord, without the interference of a middleman.

Download Roomly on iTunes and Google Playstore.

3. Speedrent: An alternative for landlords and a tool that empowers them to get rid of the costly brokerage layer - at the same time allowing them to deal straight with tenants

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Speedrent is an app that allows interested landlords to rent out their properties to potential tenants without the help of property agents. Landlords that are weary of going through the hassle of interacting with property agents can take matters into their own hands and perform such transactions right through the app.

There could be a list of reasons as to why people prefer platforms and apps, rather than dealing with property agents. For starters, searching for houses on platforms is much easier, cheaper and often quicker.
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Aside from that, Speedrent constantly puts up discounts for tenants to receive 50% off their first month’s rent. So that's good news for us, Malaysians! The app's flexible and ample features make it easier for tenants to look for a place to stay.

Download Speedrent on iTunes and Google Playstore.

4. iBilik: One of the most popular room renting sites here in Malaysia, iBilik has a full and comprehensive list of rooms to rent

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You could look for rooms available through the 'Search Rooms' tab. Once you've done that, click into any of the rooms to view photos or read through the description for additional information.

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If you're looking for a just a short term stay, you could opt for one - a number of resorts and homestays are available to choose from.

Check out iBilik here.

5. Let A Room: A project by AsiaPartTime, an online part job community - the site is pretty easy to use with its simple interface

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The site's like a stripped down version of iBilik. You could narrow down your room search by choosing room types that vary from apartments to houses. Adequate details are also available at each room listing.

Check out Let A Room here.

Now that you've settled into your new room, why not explore the neighborhood with Tumpang?

The haze's not getting any better! Make sure you download these apps to monitor it, wherever you may be staying:

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