'Tumpang' A Ride For Only RM5 With Malaysia's First Ride-Sharing Service

The service was made to solve the daily commute problems like going from your house to an LRT or bus station.

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With the increasing hostility between ride-sharing services and taxi drivers, a new ride-sharing app is gaining speed with passengers doing short trips for a flat rate price

Tumpang (hitch a ride in English), is a Malaysian ride-sharing service that offers a flat rate of RM5 for a taxi ride that does not exceed 3KM

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Tumpang (in English meaning hitch a ride) is a ridesharing app where a passenger pays RM5 a ride for a taxi to take them to places within a 3km radius. “The service isn’t meant to replace the feeder buses or taxis,” Tumpang co-founder Dhillon Kannabhiran said.

“It’s a new class of service that sits in between. It’s cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than a bus,” he said. He added that Tumpang was made to solve the first-mile-last-mile problem, or going from your house to an LRT or bus station.

Previously known as BUSttle, the service uses only legally registered taxis, unlike Uber and GrabCar that uses private cars to chaffeur passengers

To clear up all the doubts, BUSttle started as Malaysia’s first flat-rate last-mile transportation network company, which, unlike services such as Uber or MyTeksi, provides chauffeured services at a fixed rate and only using legally-registered taxis.

As mentioned earlier, users are only charged a flat rate of RM5 for a ride. The service is meant for short trips like meeting up with friends at a nearby Starbucks.

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“Put it this way. If our taxi picks you up from Point A and drops you off at Point B, which may simply be Starbucks or a mamak stall, as long as the destination is not more than 3km, you will only need to pay RM5,” says Dhillon.

Those booking with multiple riders can also get discounts. For example, a trip with two riders costs RM8 while a group of four costs RM15.

For frequent users, Tumpang has three monthly subscription plans

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As for those who find themselves having to take public transport on a regular basis, they may save themselves from the hassle of waiting endlessly for the ride that never comes by subscribing to either one of Tumpang’s three packages: RM50 per month (60 credits or up to 12 rides), RM100 per month (120 credits or up to 24 rides) and RM150 (180 credits or up to 36 rides).

Tumpang is a credit-based service which means instead of paying by cash, users would have to use prepaid credits in their registered accounts

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The service works just like other ride-sharing and booking service. Users would have to key in their pick up and drop off points.

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Tumpang currently runs in three locations - Cyberjaya, TTDI and Bangsar. Taxis under the service aren't able to move beyond the zone they're in, which is why the company has based most drop off and pick up points at LRT stations.

For more details or if you want to try the service out, head to the website here

Awhile back, a group of 30 taxi drivers ambushed a GrabCar driver, demanding his arrest:

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