The 10 Unconventional Jobs That People Will Be Doing In Future

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan (CST) worked with foresight strategists to create job descriptions that will likely be available in the year 2030. With technology moving at a dizzying pace, a glimpse into the future provides some fascinating insight on our future careers, as well as those of our children. Here's taking a look at 10 crazy jobs predicted to exist in the future.

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1. Robot Counsellor

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As robots start to play even larger roles in our lives, wealthy people will own robots who act as servants or caregivers. People looking to purchase robots for their homes will work with robot counselors to determine which model is best suited to a family's particular needs. If a robot does not fit in with the family, the counsellor will be on hand to determine better options and to provide care and customer service. Successful robot counsellors will have skill sets similar to those of today's family counsellors. This means a keen understanding of social work, family counseling and sociology. Robot counsellors will also have training in sales and marketing.

2. Nostalgist

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Nostalgists are interior designers who will be tasked with helping the wealthy elderly design spaces that reflect their favorite decades. Whether this means recreating a 1980s living room or a 1950s kitchen, nostalgists will help recreate happy memories for their clients. This career path combines the roles of therapist, historical researcher and interior designer, and an eye for historical detail is essential.

3. Garbage Designer

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These designers will make careers out of perfecting the art of upcycling. Upcycling is a way to use trash to create new, better quality items. Garbage designers will see to it that upcycling attempts are efficient and successful, designing ways to make new items with very little waste. The requirements for this job will include a background in materials science and engineering, and a familiarity with industrial design.

4. Rewilder

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The rewilder's job will help undo the damage that humans have caused to the countryside. This means tearing down fences or ripping apart roads and replacing them with forests and natural greenery. Folks interested in wildlife management, agriculture and environmental sciences will be great fits for this career.

5. Simplicity Expert

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Simplicity experts will find ways to help businesses streamline and simplify their day-to-day operations. They'll be tasked with condensing three days of work to half an hour of work or reducing 15 administrative steps down to just three. Folks who excel at math, have an eye for design and a keen sense of human connections will do well in this line of work

6. Media Remixer

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A media remixer takes the job of DJ or VJ to another level by remixing various forms of media into one cohesive new project. These remixers will bring together audio, video, images and augmented reality to create projects ranging from marketing campaigns to wedding entertainment to installation art. These remixers will likely work in a freelance capacity, and will need to be self-driven and able to juggle multiple projects at once. Highly creative and entrepreneurial types will make excellent media remixers, as knowing how to build a personal brand will be key to their success.

7. Gamification Designer

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Games make excellent tools for helping people of all ages to learn new skills. The gamification designer will combine game logic with everyday activities, events, services and products to make the world a more playfully challenging place. These designers may also work with doctors and therapists to create games that help people bounce back from the stress of illness. Gamifications designers will become certified in their fields and will develop a background in human motivation and play behavior. They will also learn to translate game design into real life experiences.

8. Aquaponic Fish Farmer

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Aquaponics combines fish farming with gardening, where plants grow over water to cover its surface, while fish live below. The plants return oxygen to the water, and the fish produce waste that provides fertilizer for the plants. Aquaponic fish farmers will be able to set up operations nearly everywhere. This system is small-scale and needs fewer resources and space than traditional fish farming. Being able to care for animals and plants will be extremely important to this role. An organized, attentive aquaponic fish farmer will be able to produce big yields to feed their community.

9. Healthcare Navigator

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It can be tricky for hospital patients and their families to understand the complex hospital system. But with the help of a healthcare navigator, patients will have better access to information they need. While healthcare navigators will have answers to questions regarding procedures and paperwork, they'll also provide support for families struggling to cope with the stress of illness. Excellent navigators will have the knowledge of a healthcare specialist and the sensitivity of a social worker.

10. End of Life Therapist

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As life spans increase, planning for the last phases of life will become standard practice. End of life therapists will act as guides to planning for the years before a client's death. This will involve being straight-forward but sensitive about ways to making dying a smoother process. A background in social work, healthcare, education and psychology will be helpful in this career path.

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