Studio Ghibli Releases 'The Boy And The Heron' Merchandise & They're Super Cute!

There are plushies, keyrings, puzzle posters, figurines, statues, and even adorable finger puppets.

Cover image via Donguri Kyowakoku

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Studio Ghibli has released The Boy and the Heron merchandise collection and there's something for every Hayao Miyazaki fan

The merchandise collection, based on the legendary animator's latest anime film, is now available in Japan.

While we're unsure when these merchandise will land in Malaysia, you can purchase them directly via Donguri Kyowakoku's online store if you don't mind coughing up the delivery fees.

The merchandise collection includes plushies, keyrings, puzzle posters, figurines, statues, and even adorable finger puppets

With so many selections, you'd probably have something that you can take home to celebrate Studio Ghibli's 24th animated film.

Below is a quick look at all of the merchandise!

1. Grey Heron plushie - 5,060 JPY (RM160.74)

2. Heron Man plushies - 4,400 JPY (RM139.77)

3. Warawara plushies - 2,090 JPY (RM66.39)

From Warawara A to Warawara E, there are five versions of the Warawara plushies you can choose from.

4. Nosechara - 3,080 JPY (RM97.84)

A portmanteau of the word "nose" and "character", Nosechara is a fun game of skill where the goal is to stack as many Warawara on top of each other without them falling.

Each box comes with 10 different Warawara. 

5. 150-piece "Mini Size" Puzzle Poster - 660 JPY (RM20.97)

6. 1,000-piece "Large Size" Puzzle Poster - 3,080 JPY (RM97.84)

7. Wobbly figurines - 2,640 JPY (RM83.86) per-pair

8. Head-shaking figurines - 2,200 JPY (RM69.89)

Each figurine is sold separately. 

9. Finger puppets (8-piece set) - 5,500 JPY (RM174.72)

Created by Yoshie Hayashi, the animator behind Studio Ghibli's 2010 anime film, Arrietty, these finger puppets come in a set of eight-pieces. 

Hayashi, who worked on The Boy and the Heron as a video inspection assistant, was inspired to create three-dimensional versions of the characters. 

Having majored in plastic arts, she hand-made the finger doll prototype before mass-producing it. 

Studio Ghibli's The Boy and the Heron releases in Malaysia on 14 December

First released in Japan on 14 July with little marketing, the animated film, dubbed the last one for the legendary animator, is now gradually being released worldwide.

The film is about 12-year-old Mahito who struggles to settle in a new town after his mother's death. However, things take a turn when a talking heron reveals that his mother is still alive, taking Mahito on to journey into an alternate world filled with magic.

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