This SG Couple Hosted An Anime-Themed Wedding & It's Capturing Hearts Across The Internet

The guests dressed up as characters from popular anime like 'Demon Slayer', 'Jujutsu Kaisen', 'Dragon Ball', and 'One Piece'.

Cover image via @veryfakeotaku (TikTok)

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A Singaporean couple hosted an anime-themed wedding and the enchanting celebration is now making waves across the Internet

The bride, Sofy, took to her TikTok account to share a video earlier this month, which has since gone viral.

The two-minute-and-33-second video showcased guests dressing up as characters from popular anime like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Pokémon.

The bride and groom cosplayed as Survey Corps soldiers from the critically acclaimed Japanese anime series, Attack on Titan, while their bridesmaids and groomsmen also embraced the theme.

Meanwhile, the wedding photographers were seen wearing straw hats in a tribute to One Piece.

Adding to the festivities, the bride also created her own lucky draw game, called kuji in Japanese, to entertain her guests.

The video concluded with Sofy extending gratitude to her friends and family who made an effort to dress according to her wedding theme.

In a conversation with SAYS, Sofy shared that anime played an important role in her and her husband's relationship

According to Sofy, she wasn't initially a fervent anime enthusiast and it was her husband, Yanming, who introduced her to the world of anime.

Sofy also shared they would spend time watching Attack on Titan, the first anime series recommended to her by her husband, which eventually became the duo's favourite.

"I fell in love with anime since then. I fell so hard that I decided to read the manga. I had never read manga before and have been following it avidly ever since," she said.

Coincidentally, the finale of Attack on Titan was aired on 4 November, which was the same day the couple hosted their wedding reception.

"It was such a cute coincidence," expressed Sofy.

Sofy and her husband, Yanming, in their 'Attack On Titan' cosplay at the reception.

Image via Sofy (Provided to SAYS)

The idea for the anime-themed wedding came from a friend, Sofy shared

"I mean, after all, weddings are not a cheap affair, and there's no way we are going to have a typical wedding dinner after investing so much in it. We wanted it to be different and fun," she said.

Expressing immense gratitude, Sofy also mentioned, "We are very thankful to have supportive and enthusiastic family and friends who were willing to cosplay for our wedding."

"Some family members even dressed as my husband's favourite anime characters. It was truly a heartwarming experience for us," she added.

Watch the couple's anime-themed wedding here:

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