Frog Attends Coldplay Concert & Gets Once In A Lifetime Experience Without Ticket

Even this frog got to watch Coldplay.

Cover image via @joeysugar_j (Instagram)

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After Coldplay's amazing concert in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 22 November, fans are still buzzing about the incredible experience days later

Over 75,000 attendees made it the most attended concert in the stadium's history, and among them was a surprising unlikely fan.

A frog. 

Quietly hopping around the stadium, this little creature was spotted by someone who then carried it to get an even better view of the band's performance among the thousands in attendance

Coldplay fan @joeysugar_j shared that she saw the frog hopping on the ground behind her during the first song, Higher Power.

She decided to catch it and gently held it up, so the frog could enjoy the song.

"Before letting it go, we shared a #Coldplay moment, once [in] a lifetime thingy for me and him," she wrote in the caption.

Shortly after the song, Joey ran out of the stadium to release the frog onto the grass

As a fan of frogs herself, she said that she wanted to keep the little guy but was hesitant about having it in her pocket for two hours.

She considered asking the abangs outside to hold onto it for her but eventually decided against it.

Instead, the guards helped by guiding her to a patch of grass where she could release the frog, allowing it to find its way home, and she then returned inside the stadium.

Speaking to SAYS, Joey shared that it was an extra special moment for her, considering her pet frog had passed away just last week

Little did she expect to meet this little fellow during such a magical moment.

Despite not getting concert tickets, these Coldplay fans showed up outside the stadium to hold their own mini 'concert':

Relive some of the most memorable moments during the concert:

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