The Coolest Tattoos We Spotted At Pink Tattoos' Birthday Party

What's cooler than the details and lines of these tattoos are the stories that come with it.

Pink Tattoos, a well-established tattoo boutique in Bangsar, celebrated its 5th anniversary with a rockabilly-styled picnic at The Bee, Publika

Smirnoff Ice made an appearance at Pink Tattoo's birthday anniversary.

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Joyce Wong, better know as the blogger Kinky Blue Fairy, was spotted at the event.

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The cozy event was filled with friends, family and clients of Pink Tattoos. Here are some of the coolest works of art we spotted that afternoon:

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Lynda Chean May Pink, the founder of Pink Tattoos' falcon and peony

Lynda Chean, the founder of Pink Tattoos, is one of the more notable tattoo artists in town. She is known best for her quirky, intricate and vintage aesthetic. In the simplicity of her art comes tedious details for the eye to behold. Before embarking a career in the tattoo industry, Lynda was a copywriter for an advertising firm. When she couldn't see herself happy in the advertising industry anymore, she put down her pen and traded it for a tattoo gun. She has never looked back since. Lynda draws inspiration from everything and everyone around her, be it the sky or the ground. Most of Lynda's own tattoos are heartfelt dedications to her family.

The cheeky pink panther

As cheeky as the smile on Clavin Che's face is the unmistakable image of Pink Panther. Pink Panther relaxes on Calvin's biceps without a care in the world. The cartoon may seem like a funny tattoo to get, but for Calvin it is a memory of his childhood.

The dreamy blue feather

Andy Choong has a delicate feather floating on his shoulder in shades of blue, green and turquoise, reminiscent of the sea and the forest. He got the feather inked on his arm for strength when he needed a new start in life. The feather also serves as a memorial of a close friend who had left him for the afterlife.

The ship named Zak sailing on a sunny day

Amy Hanna's colourful creation was inked by her very own husband, Jason Hanna. There are many elements in this intricate piece, each part of the tattoo symbolises something dear to Amy's heart. Amy got this tattoo in memory of her late grandfather, Mr. Zakutansky. Her grandfather who was in the US Navy lived with a deep patriotism for his homeland, the United States of America. The sailing ship named Zak represents her grandfather, while the eagle captures his patriotism. Amy was very distraught that she had to miss her grandfather's funeral. On the day he was to be laid, she stepped out of her house and saw rays of sunshine piercing through tuft of clouds. It was a message from grandpa, she thought. To bring her tattoo to full circle is a red flower at the bottom, just like the ones that used to grow near her hometown.

The traditional Mexican girl and the Spanish phrase we're not allowed to translate

With tattoos all over his head and throat, tattoo artist Jason Hanna is a sight to behold. The only thing he would tell us about the Spanish phrase on the back of his shaved head is that it's "not something you can publish." However, Jason was eager to show us the traditional Mexican girl on the side of his neck. As it turns out, Jason is a Mexican who is very proud of his heritage. So proud that he wears it on his neck for the world to see.

The underwater epic, complete with Kraken and killer whales

Hidden underneath Syamir Ali's T-shirt is an epic under the sea. One stormy evening, a massive Kraken devours a ship. The shadows of two other ships, lost in the battle with the Kraken, lies at the bottom of the sea, slowly fading into the distance. But all is not lost. Two killer whales come to the rescue, fighting the Kraken with all their might.

The inspiration of this tattoo hit Syamir when he was having a particularly difficult day. He felt like he was a ship in motion as he used to visit the docks with his sailor father. The trials and tribulations he was facing felt like constant bad weather. Then, he thought about his friends and family, and epitomised them with his favourite animal, the killer whale. With all the support from the people he loves, he knows he can face any problems, even the Kraken. This epic tattoo was done by the one and only Lynda.

His mother's wedding protrait

Thanesh has a picture of his beloved mother printed on his arm. Thanesh picked his favourite photo of his mother, it was of her on her wedding day in 1985. It's a really beautiful photo, she looks serene as she cradles two sandcastles in her hands. To Thanesh, the sandcastles represent him and his brother. Thanesh's mother might not have liked the idea of her son getting a tattoo, but she eventually learned to love it.

The reproduction of Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha's 'Morning Star' and 'Evening Star'

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Khang Wei is a talented tattoo artist with Pink Tattoos. Khang Wei reproduced, in detail, Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Maria Mucha's paintings. Taken from 'The Moon and Star' series, Khang Wei inked the 'Morning Star' on one side of his arm, and 'Evening Star' on the other. To him, the two women who are different personifications of Venus represent his different personalities. 'Morning Star' who confidently peers out of darkness embodies his outgoing trait while 'Evening Star' who hides behind her arm signifies his shyness.

The four adorable friendship bears

Another tattoo artist with Pink Tattoos is Fin T. Fin has an adorable tattoo of four bears cuddling up to each other on the inside of her elbow. The cute and cheerful teddy bears look like clumsy doodles drawn on a cold, rainy day. This may be one of Fin's smaller and more simple tattoos, but it has big significance to it. The bears are a testament of her friendship with her best friend. He drew two bears, and she completed the doodle with two more little bears. The result is a wonderful friendship that she will carry with her forever.

The watercolour rose

Joyce Wong, the blogger at Kinky Blue Fairy made an appearance at the event, proudly showing off her beautiful watercolour rose tattoo. A rose takes centre stage, while an ice cream, mushrooms and a ship hover below it. Joyce's tattoo is a collection of her memories and the things she loves. The rose is her mother's namesake; Joyce wanted to get a tattoo for her mom to see and go "Hey Mom, look!". The ice cream, an Italian gelato, is a memory of her trip in Italy; the mushrooms are Balinese; the catamaran is a memory of when she went sailing in the south of Europe. Joyce's dreamy, abstract tattoo is a reminder of her travels, and a note to travel more and keep having fun.

The lily and the anchor

Claudia Low has two tattoos that are small yet filled with intricate details. Hiding behind her right ear is a lily that looks as if it were growing out from her ear. The lily represents Claudia's mother, Celilia. Lily was Cecilia's nickname. Why behind the ear? Claudia answers cheekily it's so she will always listen to her mom.

Down below on her arm is an anchor with a wild orchid wrapped around it. Claudia's grandfather passed away in 1998 and this was her way of honouring grandpa. After her grandfather's passing, she got really upset when she started to forget his voice. The decision to ink then struck as she wanted her grandfather to always be around her. The anchor was a fitting tribute as not only was her grandfather in the marines, he also had an anchor tattoo of his wife. Last but not least, the delicate wild orchid represents Claudia's love for her father.

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