The Malaysian Company That's Turning Temp Tattoos Into Funky Fashion Accessories

One Kuala Lumpur-based company makes temporary tattoos cool again. They are also giving SAYS readers a storewide discount for a limited time only!

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Remember when stick on tattoos came as prizes in your bubble gum pack?

It didn't matter if the designs were weird, you wanted it on your arm.

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The boys at Habitatt Supply Co. have upped the temporary tattoo game and transformed what was once a child plaything into the latest fashion accessory

The brainchild of Philip Gan, 30, and Joel Loi, 32, Habitatt Supply Co. creates temporary tattoos of the finest quality and trendiest designs. This little Kuala Lumpur-based online outfit started only in January 2014 but has already gained traction as pioneers of awesome temporary tattoos that are kind to your skin.

The men behind Habitatt Suppy Co., Phillip Gan and Joel Loi have unlocked a key for the fickle-minded generation that appreciates body art as a fashion statement

"We saw a rising trend for body art within the millennials & Gen-Ys," says Phillip. "It had slowly become an extension of our everyday fashion, and since fashion trends tend to have rapid cycle of changes, we thought being inked permanently for fashion's sake didn’t make sense."

The awesome sauce in Habitatt is that it allows people to turn their body into a playground by expressing themselves creatively through body art without the fear of regret

"We started Habitatt as a solution to give people the option to wear the tattoos they way the want it, when they want it, without having to think three times." Joel chimes in.

If there is one thing that Habitatt has got right, it's their beautiful tattoo designs that capture the heart, soul, and wackiness of the hipster generation

The tattoos, or "Habitatts" as Phillip and Joel affectionately call it, have motifs that celebrate every type of individual out there. From the feminine...

... to the weird and quirky

"We want people to wear our Habitatts and go 'this is me summed up in a tatt'," says Joel. They have managed exactly just that.

Music lovers would be able to find a Habitatt that defines them

The philosophical could find a statement tattoo that embodies their soul

Activists could wear their heart on their sleeves

Habitatts are really a work of art. Phillip and Joel draw their inspiration for their design from anything that moves them including fashion trends, quotes, movies and even grassroots movements.

They have been collaborating with local and international designers to expand their collection and hopes to work with homegrown heroes like Red HongYi, Hsulynn Pang, and Lim Heng Swee

Further creating an edge over permanent tattoos is their line of metallic gold and silver Vogue Habitatts that really brings a touch of femininity and glamour to the skin

Phillip says that they don't see Habitatt as a replacement for permanent tattoos, but rather as an alternative. They were pleasantly stunned when they first saw people with permanent ink happily putting on their Habitatts.

"We’ve got those with permanent tattoos really liking Habitatt and putting them on. We were pretty stunned then – we thought those with permanent tattoos would’ve hated our guts for coming up with temp tattoos, but it didn’t turn out that way. We have been pretty vocal about how we don’t see temp tattoos replacing permanent tattoos in any way. Permanent tattoos are done for a very personal reason; most have them to remember something or as a note to oneself," Phillip.

Habitatt may be a new endeavour, but Joel and Phillip think it is only a matter of time before temporary tattoos become as common as a ring or a necklace- another regular accessory in our everyday life

"We see temp tattoos growing in Malaysia and especially in our culture. It’s something that the people want, and with the awareness and demand of temp tatts growing globally, it’s a matter of time till it becomes another regular accessory to our everyday life," Joel.

With elegant designs like this, we think they are definitely on the right track

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