[PHOTOS] This Majestic Mosque In Melaka Is Modelled After Ancient Chinese Palaces

Friday prayer sermons in this mosque are delivered in Mandarin.

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We all know that Melaka is home to many tourist attractions

Whether it's A'Famosa, Klebang beach, or Jonker Walk, this historical state is always full of life (and visitors).

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If you're bored of visiting the same places again and again, then you have to check out the Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka (Melaka Chinese Mosque)

Located in Krubong, a town 15km away from the Melaka city centre, the Melaka Chinese Mosque is definitely a sight to behold.

Also known as the Al-Muttaqin Chinese Mosque, it features architecture inspired by ancient palaces in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an

Founded by the Melaka Chinese Muslim Association (PERTIM) in June 2014, the mosque is constructed on a 2.8-hectare site near Hang Jebat Stadium.

It is the third Chinese mosque in Malaysia after the ones previously erected in Kelantan and Perak.

To stand apart from non-Muslim places of worship, the Melaka Chinese Mosque has two minarets in the shape of pagodas

In an interview with Berita Harian, Melaka Chinese Mosque Imam Mohd Khabir Abd Karim said that the management initially received a lot of questions from visitors who thought that the mosque was a temple.

"When approaching the unique structure of the building, many visitors get a bit confused about the architecture because it looks like something out of China," he said.

"But after an explanation, it's mostly well-received by everyone."

Besides the main prayer hall that could accommodate up to 2,000 people at a time, the mosque also boasts facilities such as a VIP room, meeting rooms, and comfortable ablution areas. Meanwhile, Friday prayer sermons in this mosque are delivered in Mandarin.

Mohd Khabir then added, "The main purpose of the architecture is to demonstrate to our multi-cultural society that Islam has never been against the culture of any race as long as it doesn't go against Islamic values."

The mosque often holds social events such as talks and weddings

Check out this couple's stunning photos from their solemnisation ceremony at the mosque:

The management also regularly shares updates regarding talks and other events held at the mosque on their official Facebook page.

Visitors are advised to dress modestly when entering the building. The management has also prepared robes for those dressed in more revealing outfits.

Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka,
Paya Rumput,
75260 Krubong,

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