These 10 Jobs Supposedly Have The Highest Work-Life Balance

According to online job platform, Glassdoor, being a lifeguard is one of the best jobs with the highest work-life balance. What other jobs made it to the list? Scroll to see all of them.

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Glassdoor is an online platform where employers and employees find talent and jobs. What sets it apart from other competitors is that information about each company such as salary reports, office photos and culture are shared by the people who know it best, their employees.

Glassdoor is the world's most transparent career community that is changing the way people find jobs, and companies recruit top talent. Glassdoor holds a growing database of 6 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more. Unlike other jobs sites, all of this information is entirely shared by those who know a company best — the employees.

"Professionals with a healthy work-life balance tend to report higher satisfaction in their jobs," Dobroski told Business News Daily. "By maintaining a quality work-life balance, professionals are often motivated to work hard and be productive, helping to avoid burnout."

So based on their reports and information, Glassdoor compiled a list of the top 10 jobs with the best work-life balance

The jobs site, which compiles data about workplaces, released a list of the top highly rated jobs for work-life balance. The results are entirely based on employee feedback over the past year. The report looked at work-life balance ratings for each job title shared on Glassdoor in the last year, and took business outlook ratings into consideration. Ratings were based on a five-point scale, with "1" representing "dissatisfied," "3" representing "OK" and "5" meaning "very satisfied."

The rankings were based on at least 20 work-life balance ratings per job title shared on Glassdoor between July 2013 and July 2014.The ratings were based on a five-point scale, with 1 equaling very dissatisfied and 5 equaling very satisfied.

1. Data scientist

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Receiving a 4.4 rating for work-life balance, data scientists grabbed the No. 1 spot. In the survey, about 74% of employees say the business will get better, while 5% believe it will get worse.

“Not only is everyone incredibly sharp and very good at their jobs, but also, almost without exception, everyone is a pleasure to work and associate with. I'm given an incredible work/life balance.” – Facebook Data Scientist (Menlo Park, CA)

2. SEO Specialist

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Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists come in at a close second with a 4.3 work-life balance rating. About 75% of current employees believe the business will get better; 11% say it will get worse.

“Great company culture, opportunity for growth, fun co-workers, work hard play hard mentality. We often have company outings, video game breaks, catered lunches.” – Geek Powered Studios SEO Specialist (Austin, TX)

3. Tour guide

The job that allows you to interact with people from around the world takes the third spot with a rating of 4.3. Nearly 59% feel this job will get better and only 7% say it will get worse.

“You learn a lot about Customer Service, you get to take different workshops and classes, and managers work with you and have your best interest at heart. You meet a lot of new people and it is a great environment to work in.” – The Fox Theatre – Atlanta Tour Guide (Atlanta, GA)

4. Lifeguard

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Coming in at fourth, lifeguarding jobs have a work-life balance rating of 4.3. Approximately 33% the sector will get better and, perhaps unsurprisingly, 0% think it will get worse.

“Easy to get time off, shifts traded around, the management was nice most of the time. The members were friendly and there were lots of free workout perks.” – YMCA Lifeguard (location, n/a)

5. Social media manager

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Social media managers land in the fifth spot with a rating of 4.3. A positive 76% think the field will improve and 10% believe it will get worse.

“I feel that the work I do is important, both to Abstrakt and our clients but also to my professional development as well. Although I am kept busy, I also have a lot of fun at work and feel like I have a good work-life balance.” – Abstrakt Social Media Manager (Saint Louis, MO)

6. Group fitness instructor

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Working at a gym can have a number of perks, including a flexible schedule and a free membership to work out. It's no wonder being a fitness instructor lands in the sixth spot with a rating of 4.2. About 43% believe the profession will improve, and 13% say it will get worse.

“Flexible schedule, free membership to workout, nice group of fitness instructors who are generally very knowledgeable about their particular classes- i.e. Zumba, yoga, spinning, clean and reasonably well maintained gym, very nice aerobics studio- large, mirrors and good sound system.” – LA Fitness Group Fitness Instructor (Montgomeryville, PA)

7. User experience designer

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Fitness instructors just barely beat out user experience designers, who have a work-life balance rating of 4.2. As for business outlook, 60% saying it will get better, while 15% think it will get worse.

“The team is incredible, there are plenty of people to learn from, there are many perks, and I always get the support I need to continually advance in my career. I also like maintaining a good work-life balance, and I can definitely do this at LinkedIn.” – LinkedIn User Experience Designer (Mountain View, CA)

8. Corporate communications

In eighth place is corporate communications with a 4.1 rating, and 56% think the profession will get better, while a low 6% think it will get worse.

“The culture feels like a college campus where you get to work with lots of smart people who also happen to be nice. Work/life balance is good.” – Intuit Corporate Communications (Mountain View, CA)

9. Firefighter

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Firefighters take the ninth spot with a work-life balance rating of 4.1. Approximately 47% think the field will improve, while 17% think it will get worse.

“Flexibility of your work schedule. Good salary. Your co-workers become a second family.” – FDNY Firefighter (New York, NY)

10. Equity trader

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Closing out the top 10 are equity traders, who have a work-life balance rating of a solid 4.0. About 38% think the field will improve, while 38% also say it will get worse.

“The compensation is outstanding and there really is great work-life balance. Everyone you work with is highly intelligent. Leadership encourages innovation.” – Tradebot Equity Trader (Kansas City, MO)

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