SAYS Recognised As World's Most Democratic Workplace For The Third Time

SAYS continues to uphold its title of WorldBlu's World Most Democratic Workplace this 2014.

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WorldBlu has named SAYS in the 2014 list of Most Democratic Workplaces for the third time

SAYS has been awarded with this prestigious title for the third consecutive year

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An organization makes it onto the WorldBlu List through a survey process their employees complete, which evaluates the overall design of an organization along a fear-based to freedom-centered continuum based on the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy. Those organizations scoring 3.5 or higher on a 0-5.0 scale become WorldBlu-certified democratic workplaces.

SAYS is listed among 41 other democratic organisations from around the world including Zappos and AIESEC

The WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2014 is comprised of 41 organizations from a diversity of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and services, with a combined annual revenue of over $13 billion.

These organizations include public, private, non-profit, and educational institutions. They range in size from five to 50,000 employees and are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Malaysia, Haiti, New Zealand, Belgium and Romania.

Well-known companies to make the WorldBlu List include, Menlo Innovations, New Belgium Brewery, DaVita, and The WD-40 Company. The organizations ranged in size from five to 65,000 employees representing over $11 billion in combined annual revenue.

SAYS is also one of only two Malaysian companies to make it into the list

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The other Malaysian company awarded the title is Mindvalley.

WorldBlu, a company specializing in democratic organizational design, announced it is has certified 41 organizations as part of the eighth annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™, which includes Mindvalley, making it the seventh year that the company has been enlisted in the award since 2008.

Award winning work practices at SAYS such as Smoke Signals and Great-itude ensure decentralisation, reflection and evaluation in the organisation

Smoke signal foosball game.

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SAYS practices the democratic principle of Decentralization through "Smoke Signals". A 'Smoke Signal' is a shout out to every member of their team to participate in an event or activity, fully sponsored by their organization. Anyone can send out a 'Smoke Signal' for any activity. As long as more than one person participates, the company pays for it. This is a ritual that shocks most new employees.

It creates a powerful experience and reminder that this culture has immense trust in the power of every individual to impact the entire team. This also decentralizes the need for the company or any single person to organize 'team activities' for 'team bonding'. Ever since SAYS rolled out "Smoke Signals" they've seen their team engage in everything from weekly badminton clubs to mountain hiking to philosophical debates about 'happiness' to shopping trips for design books to trying new restaurants, all of which are fueled by an individual's authentic passion for the activity and the willingness of colleagues to join in.

SAYS practices the democratic principle of Reflection + Evaluation through 'Great-itude' sessions. Every last hour of Friday, they have a ritual that involves all members of the team present in the office and invited clients, partners, friends, and special guests to join them in a weekly 'Great-itude' session. Every team member shares one thing they're grateful for that has happened that the week.

This allows them to tune into one emotional moment from each team member, helping them learn about who they are, and what they value. This helps everyone (especially if they're from different teams) to stay connected via this weekly-shared experience. Additionally, the practice of gratitude has been proven to increase happiness levels. This is SAYS most enduring ritual, held weekly for over four years.
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SAYS practices a culture a success and joy. This gives employees a working experience that allows them freedom, individuality and opportunity to grow.

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This empowerment has become a pillar of company growth. is Malaysia's fastest growing news site with over one million unique visitors monthly.

The fear-free environment and organisational democracy practiced at SAYS increases trust among team members and tightens unity. A closer look at the team:

(From left) Firdaus, Dion Appana, Javier Lo, Nguyen Nguyen, Arzumy MD, Fadhil, Gaddafi Rusli, Wai Yan and Syazwan Zahari from the Engineering Team.

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(From left) Aqila Zainal and Sheila Salleh from the Community Team.

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(From left) Chris Wee, Adrian Gaffor and Jess Lew from the Strategic Planning Team.

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(From left) Ronn Yeo, Elvina Chua, Slyvia, Anndrea Lye, Michelle Soh from the Campaign Performance Team. (Right) Colin from the Client Champion Team.

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General manager Sam Wee and Android app developer Eyad 'Tall Guy' Ama.

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Finance Manager, Florence Cmk.

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Mai Ryza Amante-Sison who manages 8Share Philippines.

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Cedric Chan, Dancer/Software Engineer.

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(From left) Judith Yeoh, Farouq Johari, Melody Oei and Mei Mei Chu from the Content Team.

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Sadho Ram, the Nightwatchman of the Content Team.

Image via Sadho Ram

(From left) Client Champions Haniz O'Hara, Carolynn Lim, Aloysius Martin and Adrina Choy.

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The visionary, Khailee Ng.

Image via Khailee Ng

Rowena Ong, General manager associate.

Image via Rowena Ong

The SAYS team.

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Product manager Terence Ooi.

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Pay Per Click Specialist Brandon.

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Hun from the International Team.

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Iskandar Julkarnean who manages 8Share Indonesia.

Image via Iskandar Julkarnean

Client Champion Charlotte Fenger Pederson.

Image via Charlotte Fenger Pederson

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