8 Things You Can Start Doing NOW For A Healthy Fund For Your 2016 Travels

Preparation is key!

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As with many things, preparation is key! But it's especially true for travelling because it's one thing that will make a difference between a budget travel from a costly one.

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The year might have just kickstarted but you're already itching for more adventures. So, here are things you can start doing now to save for your trips for the rest of the year:

1. Determine the where, when and how long, so you can pre-calculate the daily budget you're allowing yourself for the duration

Figure out where you want to go, how long for and how much an average daily budget is for that country. That will be your guideline to determine how much and how often you should be saving. A simple search on the Internet and you can easily find estimations of different levels of budget you need for different countries.

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2. Open a savings account to serve as your dedicated travel fund

Dedicate a savings account just for your travel fund. Make it a habit to transfer funds to that account monthly, bi-weekly, or however often you prefer. Make sure that the process is convenient so that it’s a habit you can keep carrying on.

And if you’re dead serious about saving, take it a step further and make sure it’s inaccessible by Internet banking. This way, accessing your money would mean going to the bank physically for withdrawal or transfer. Thus, you can avoid the temptation to transfer money out from your travel fund for something else.

3. Apply for travel-friendly credit and debit cards for more perks and savings

Start looking into and applying for credit and debit cards that offer amazing travel perks. Whether if it’s airline miles, or lower to no charge for foreign ATM withdrawals, travel-focused cards can get you some pretty substantial savings, especially if you’re going to be using it a lot during travelling.

You also don’t have to worry about exorbitant charges when you’re using a designated backup credit card for when those real emergencies surprise you.

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4. Research the 'shoulder periods' of all the destinations you're planning to visit

Research the ‘shoulder periods’, more commonly known as off-peak seasons, of the places you want to visit. They differ from one to another; so if you’re travelling to a few different countries, coordinate them to avoid any national holidays or festive seasons.

Not only are shoulder periods less crowded, generally things are also less pricey. Plus, there’s a lower chance of restaurants, attraction sites and shops to be closed for the holidays.

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5. Book your flights and accommodation early to get the best deal

With your research and budgeting done, it’s time to commit! Book your flights and accommodation early. Not only can you get them for less price, you also have more of the economical options available for you.

It’s also a good time to look out for travel fairs like Qatar Airways Travel Festival to score some deals and get more bang for your buck.

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6. Plan as many of your flights as possible during the middle of the week

Plan to fly on weekdays, especially during the middle of the week. Airfares are typically cheaper on those midweek days. Get to the same destination with less cost? Hell yeah! Plus, you can kiss that midweek slumber goodbye.

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7. Lower your daily spend by planning visit to attractions with free or discounted admissions

Read up beforehand on the countries you’re visiting and be prepared with a list of places with free admissions and also find out which ones offer discounted prices during certain periods. For example, many museums in Europe offer free or discounted admission fees.

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8. Reconnect with those foreign friends you made in the past

There’s no better time than now to reconnect with those foreign friends you made in uni, college or your previous travels, whom you might have lost touch with. They can offer some great insights on things you can do in their home country. If they’re gracious enough, they might even show you around or let you stay at their place for free! Plus, you’ll get the most authentic experience that sometimes being just another tourist doesn’t get you.

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Let this year be the year of living and breathing those #travelgoals. Transform those travel fantasies into a reality because you deserve it!

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So, stop daydreaming and make 2016 one to remember as your best year yet! ;)

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