Do You Have An Undying Love For Fried Chicken? You'll Confirm Relate To These 9 Things

WARNING: You might just end up ordering fried chicken after reading this story.

Cover image via Timothy Tuan/ SAYS & Shardar Tarikul Islam (Unsplash)

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You can never go wrong with a good piece of fried chicken — juicy, crispy, flavourful, and that krup krup sound when you bite the skin! Mmmmm. :D

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Be it ordering a box of fried chicken for gatherings or enjoying it alone for some well-deserved me time, the simple yet delicious dish is one of Malaysians' favourite food, and for a good reason. 

If you're a huge fan of fried chicken, then you will definitely relate to these:

1. You watch mukbang of people eating fried chicken 'cause the intense crackling sound of the skin is ASMR to your ears

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Ahhhhh, yessss! We bet you can hear the krup krup sound ringing in your head right now. ;)

2. You have your own preferences on which part of the chicken is the best, be it the wing, thigh, drumstick, or breast

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Some love chicken thighs because they're just full of flavour, while others love chicken breast for the huge chunk of meat, hehe. But no matter which part of the chicken we like, we can all agree we're ayam goreng lovers. ;)

3. You make sure that all the meat on the chicken is eaten. Sometimes, even the bones. >.<

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No meat shall go to waste or be left behind, hehe. 

4. You start getting excited when you peel the chicken and see steam coming out of it. :9

If it's not hot and has no glorious steam coming out of it, then I don't want it! 

5. Fried chicken is your pick-me-up food after having a bad day

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Although it can't solve all your problems, the comfort it brings just warms your heart! <3

6. You either eat the skin first or save it for last cause that's the best part!

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That crunch is music to your ears and don't get me started on the flavours coated on the batter — chef's kiss!

7. You can't handle spicy food but you make an exception for spicy fried chicken because it's that good!

The burn is definitely worth it! 

8. Your love language is fried chicken. Period.

Image via SAYS

If anyone were to send you a box of fried chicken or a bouquet of it instead of flowers, you'll immediately fall in love with that person. But you won't love them more than you love fried chicken. Haha! :D

9. There is never a bad time to eat fried chicken — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or supper

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Going on a road trip? Order fried chicken at the Drive Thru. Having a picnic by the beach? Munch on some fried chicken while enjoying the beautiful sunset. 

What do you think makes a good fried chicken? Is it the irresistible smell or the flavours in the meat?

Recently, our colleagues took part in a blind taste to find out who has the best ayam goreng in town.

Watch this video to see who won:

Craving for fried chicken already? Well, McD has got you covered with their Ayam Goreng McD. Go ahead and order it for your next meal via McDelivery or go to the nearest Drive-Thru!

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