Gardenia Now Sells Instant Noodles In 3 Different Flavours For RM3.99 A Pack

You can find them in stores and online.

Cover image via Syed Ahmad Rifa'i Syed Bakar/minime insights & @megatz (Twitter)

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More than just bread, Gardenia now offers instant noodles under its brand called NuMee

Having initially released yellow noodles under the brand back in 2019, NuMee Gardenia now sells three types of instant noodle flavours for RM3.99 a pack.

The company announced it in a Facebook video posted on Monday, 5 September.

The three flavours are curry (Kari), chicken (Ayam), and fried instant noodles (Mi Goreng)

According to NuMee Gardenia, the noodles can be found at 7-Eleven outlets, Tunas Manja Supermarkets, and other kedai runcits around Malaysia.

Each pack costs around RM4.80 to RM5.90 online.

You can get it on Shopee and Lazada at the links below:

1. Kari
2. Ayam
3. Mi Goreng

1. Kari
2. Ayam
3. Mi Goreng

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