This Platform Lets You Manage Both Your Personal And Business Finances Seamlessly

Enjoy a consolidated view of your personal and business account.

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If you're a business owner, you'd understand how difficult it is to constantly juggle between your work life and personal life

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Things can get especially confusing when you're switching between your personal and business bank accounts to settle your monthly bills, payrolls, and other finances.

Thankfully, HSBC Fusion is here to help Malaysian SME owners manage their personal and business finances more efficiently

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HSBC Fusion was designed to meet the needs of small business owners, whose personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly interconnected.

With HSBC Fusion, you can save time and get ahead with easy access to funding, advice, and opportunities.

Here's how you can benefit from HSBC Fusion:

1. Track your personal and business finances online with a consolidated view

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HSBC Fusion's 'Lifeview' lets you see both your personal and business finances in one place, so you can get a clearer view of your finances without having to log on to separate accounts. 

Plus, they provide are all kinds of products to suit your needs. For instance, the 1-Biz Account lets you earn interest based on your combined personal and business account balance.

2. Manage payroll and payments seamlessly

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For SME owners, HSBC Fusion provides a business package that includes digital banking tools like HSBCnet online banking portal, accounting, merchant payments, and HSBC's payroll service [email protected] As your business progresses, you can also benefit from better rates and exclusive privileges.

3. Apply for loans to bring your business to the next level

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Sometimes, you just need that extra bit of funding to expand and grow your business. That's why HSBC Fusion has a range of lending products to fit your personal and business needs. They also provide guidance on fees and legal information to help make your lending decisions easier and approval process faster.

Besides that, HSBC Fusion provides customers with a library of resources through their Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is a hub of information to help SME business owners navigate through today's complex business environment. Here, you'll find a library of information on government subsidies, discounts, industry developments, and much more.

The best part is that you can always get assistance on your personal and business needs, just one call away

As a HSBC Fusion customer, you'll receive support from a dedicated relationship manager to attend to your personal and business banking needs. Owning a business can open up all kinds of questions, so it's reassuring to always have help at hand.

Find out more about how you can save time and be more efficient with HSBC Fusion

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