Commercial Pet Food Is Unhealthy. Here's How You Can Get Home-Cooked Meals For Your Pet

A healthier alternative that is affordable and easy to get for your furry friends.

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It's easy to not have to think twice when buying commercial pet food for our furry friends

Unfortunately, food packets sold at pet stores often contain highly processed and grain-based ingredients which make animals overweight and unhealthy.

In addition, many pet food manufacturers also cut costs by including low-quality ingredients into their mix.

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About 98% of animal owners serve their pets 'kibble', which is the equivalent to humans eating fast food everyday – cheap and easy but will eventually lead to serious health issues later on down the road

Unlike humans, our pets don't have much of a choice when it comes to picking their food and usually eat whatever is fed to them by us. 

As a pet owner, buying kibble may also feel like the easiest and quickest option.

To fix that problem, a team of animal-loving Malaysians decided to start Petchef, a business cooking fresh, healthy meals customised for your pets.

Here's how it works:

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First, create a profile of your pet by letting the team know what dog or cat you own

Fill in the details like its age, weight, breed, and if it has any allergies.

Once the team understands the kind of appetite your pet needs, they will work on a recommended diet plan for it

They will cook small batches of these meals – taking into account your pet's breed, size, age, activity level, and medical conditions (if any).

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The best part of all is, Petchef will then deliver these freshly cooked meals right to your doorstep!

The food can be taken straight from the fridge or heated up in the microwave and served to your pet. 

No need to worry about making a trip to buy pet food anymore. :D

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Each meal costs RM2.80 onwards depending on the size of your pet

You can find out more at

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Aside from processed kibble, here are some other food items that can damage your dog's health:

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