This Could Be 11 Of The Most Outrageous Fans In The Universe

Would you go use menstruation blood to write a letter to your idol?

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They say love drives you to do crazy things. These 11 fans took their love to the next level by doing the most outrageous things just to see their idols:

1. Ed Sheeran recalls a time when a girl threw her iPhone at him with her number as the screensaver. When they called with the intention to give the phone back, that phone rang instead.

"A girl once chucked her iPhone at me. After the show, we wanted to give it back. When we tried to get into the phone to find a number to call, it was locked. Then we realized her screensaver was a screen grab of a text that said 'ring this number.' So we rang the number thinking we'd get through to someone that would know her. Instead, the phone we had started ringing. The number on the screen was for her own phone – she was hoping that I'd see it and call. Luckily, her dad ended up waiting at the back of the venue and we managed to get it back to her."

2. Steve Aoki had a fan who climbed up a roof and hung upside down just to be able to give him a high five at the DJ booth

"In 2012, on the Deadmeat tour, there was a fan at one of my shows who climbed up on the roof and hung upside down just to get close enough to give me a high five in my DJ booth that was 20 feet above the ground."

3. YouTubers turned superstars Karmin was performing on stage when a fan, dressed in a bikini, ran in stage and started grinding on Amy

"A girl in a bikini ran up on stage and just started grinding on Amy, who just kept performing like it was a normal thing."

4. Herbert Chavez is a big fan of Superman, so much so that he underwent 16 surgeries just to look like the Man of Steel.

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The 35-year-old, from Calamba City, Philippines, has had nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and even abdominal implants to become a real-life Clarke Kent
after falling in love with the TV programme aged five. He has splashed around 300,000 Pesos (£4,400) on his obsession - a fortune compared to the average 90p hourly wage in the Philippines.

5. Kim Kardashian may be trending all over the Internet but she can't top Linda Rese. Linda legally changed her name to Kanye West in 2011 and had his name tattooed on her arm and her behind. So who's the real Mrs Kanye West now?

There is no denying that musicians have some crazy fans and this woman is no different. Formerly Linda Resa, this die hard Kanye West fan not only has tattoos, but changes her name to Mrs. Kanye West.

She not only marked her body with tattoos, but has gone as far as changing her name. Born Linda Resa, last April she legally had her name changed to Mrs. Kanye Resa West. When asked why, she said she wanted to show the rapper how much she loved him. Crazy, right? She also has Kanye tattooed down her arm and across her behind. I’m sure that is also a sign of her love.

6. When 16-year old Emma Phillips met Justin Bieber backstage, she salvaged a water bottle which Justin drank from. The enterprising teen than sold it for a whopping USD624 to a Belieber.

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Emma’s mom grabbed the bottle of water when Bieber left the room and the two decided to put it up for auction on TradeMe. “I put it on TradeMe to see how much I could get from the crazy fans,” explained Emma. “I’m not a crazy Justin Bieber fan. I’d rather sell it and give money to a good cause.”

The parents of an unnamed Bieber fanatic purchased the bottle of water for $624. Emma says she only expected to get around $22 for the Bieber swag. Emma and her mom decided to give their earnings to a cancer charity called CanTeen.

7. 39-year old Carl McCoid is truly obsessed with Miley Cyrus. He has tattoos of his "wife" tattooed all over his body.. including a portrait of her.

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A man who claims that a popstar helped him through a divorce has celebrated his musical hero by getting tattoos of Miley Cyrus all over his body. Carl McCoid, 39, from Bridlington, East Yorks has spent over £500 having tributes to the Disney singing sensation inked onto his skin. Carl has been showing off pictures of his Miley Cyrus tributes on social networking sites and now has 2,225 followers.

He said, "I am hoping that Miley's agent will hear about me via Twitter, and then she will pass the message on to Miley. That way I could actually end up meeting up her. If I did, then I would die. I would definitely die." Carl fell head over heals for her back in 2009, when he was going through a difficult divorce. He now says that Miley Cyrus is his wife.

8. One man tweeted High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale not once, not twice, but 18,888 times. He even showed up outside her house.

Ashley Tisdale's legitimately freaked out ... after an obsessed fan sent more than 18,000 tweets to the actress and then showed up to her home, TMZ has learned. The tweets are pretty creepy -- the person (believed to be a man) seems to be delusional, writing as if the two have some sort of ongoing relationship. For example: "My body is yours & even as friends I f***in love how I make u feel like mom maybe we both got issues cuz nobody's perfect."

Even scarier, we're told the suspected super tweeter recently showed up to Ashley's house but we don't know if he ever made contact. We're told cops have identified a suspect and are looking to talk to the person to determine whether he poses a serious risk to Ashley.

9. One crazed teenage stalker broke her leg just to look like Jessie J. She sent Jessie photos of her broken limb and sent her messages like "'I will do anything to be just like you."

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Jessie J was left terrified after a crazed fan broke her own leg to look like the singer. The teenage stalker targeted the 24-year-old after she broke her foot last year, tracking down her private details and sending her a picture of the injured limb. The fan reportedly bombarded Jessie with text messages, including one saying: 'I will do anything to be just like you.'

10.You think Michael Phelps is a good swimmer? He's no match for this man who swam 3.2 kilometres in cold sea waters to get to Taylor Swift's house

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An obsessed Taylor Swift fan was arrested near the singer's Rhode Island beach home early this morning after allegedly swimming up to her pad. Law enforcement tells us a 22-year-old male from the Chicago area was taken into custody for trespassing after he admitted to swimming up to the beach in front of Swift's home around 2 AM.

Here's the back story around 2:20 AM, cops spotted the man getting out of the ocean about 1 mile from Swift's home. Cops approached the guy and asked him what he was doing in the water, and the man allegedly told police hat the had just completed a swim, after which he intended to meet Taylor.

11. This fan possibly top the craziness level: A girl used her menstruation blood to write a fan letter to K-Pop idol Taecyeon. prinkled with a few strands of her pubes.

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A fan letter for 2PM's Taecyeon is receiving an enormously high amount of attention.

You might ask why, it's just a fan letter how bad could it possibly be, right? I mean fan letters are nothing but a bunch of written letters that talk about how much they adore the guy... Well, think again. This particular fan letter was not written in the typical ink we use on a day-to-day basis. In fact, this special "ink" cannot be used every day, but only a few times every cycle of 28 days. Still clueless? It was written with the fangirl's red blood. But not a regular "clean" blood you get from a paper cut - its blood from her period with a sprinkle of pubic hair.

I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter. Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me. Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes

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