This Japanese Transparent Milk Tea Is Now Available In Malaysia

It looks like water.

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First it was colourless coffee, now a transparent milk tea from Japan has piqued the curiosity of beverage aficionados worldwide

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Suntory's transparent milk tea apparently tastes like milk tea but is completely colourless and as clear as day, making it a mind-boggling brew.

Image via Grapee

The beverage is a follow up from an equally colourless lemon tea released earlier in April.

Despite looking very much like water, it claims to have the aroma of Assam tea leaves as well as the taste of milk. But... how?!

In a bid to dispel any claims that the beverage is nothing but artificial flavouring, Suntory produced a video demonstrating how it is made.

Vapour produced from boiling water is passed through black tea leaves and becomes infused with aroma. Then, the vapour is stored and cooled in a condenser, leaving behind crystal clear fluid that retains tea flavours. 

Suntory also explained the science behind giving milk a transparent look

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According to the company, milk is broadly made up of milk fat, milk protein, lactose, and milk minerals, the latter two of which are transparent. By simply utilising lactose and milk minerals, they can then impart the flavour of milk into drinks while remaining crystal clear.

But beware, the beverage is still unsuitable for the lactose-intolerant.

Is it available in Malaysia?

Image via Suntory

Good news, Malaysians! The beverage is available for purchase at Mix, a retail chain that specialises in importing Japanese products. We've reached out to Mix and they confirmed to us that the transparent milk tea is priced at RM8.80, subject to availability at its branches. 

Need some help ordering tea at a Chinese restaurant?

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