Malaysians Queued Up For These Limited Edition Bata Shoes In Mid Valley Over The Weekend

Bata also hype.

Cover image via Facebook

Malaysians love queueing up for things. From McDonald’s Minion toys to special release sneakers, the sky is the limit especially when it’s a limited edition product.

Image via Discover KL

The raffle event for Kanye West's Yeezy sneakers last year witnessed hundreds of Malaysians lining up in front of Pavilion. Last month, a man was punched in the face over a range of limited adidas kicks designed by Pharrell Wiliams. 

The past weekend saw Malaysians lining up for another limited sneaker release. But this time around, it's not adidas or Nike.

Image via Bata

A brand well known for school supplies and affordable footwear, Bata became the unexpected destination for hype kicks last Saturday, 18 November.

The company, which has been operating in Malaysia since 1930, had announced on its Facebook page early last week that the Bata Hotshots will be re-released in limited quantities for RM299 at the Bata outlet in Mid Valley Megamall. 

What's so special about these sneakers?

The Bata Hotshots were a huge thing back in the ‘70s, even more so when it became a trend when Kurt Cobain started wearing them in the early ‘90s and became a regular fixture in his wardrobe.

Nothing like a cosign from one of the biggest rock stars in history.

Though the sneakers were slated for a 10am release, people were already lining up outside the Bata store in Mid Valley since 9am

Image via Xoul Qeef Liey
Image via Xoul Qeef Liey

The Vocket reported that only 50 pairs of the sneakers were available for purchase. The release was carried out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Numbers were given to those in line.

All the sneakers were sold out in less than an hour!

It didn't take long for resellers to put up the now-sold-out sneakers for sale on sites like Mudah and Carousell

Image via Carousell
Image via Mudah

The sneakers are currently being resold for as much as double the price!

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