This Malaysian Has An Instagram Dedicated To All Of His 'Chap Fan' Meals

'Chap fan' lovers, unite!

Cover image via Vincent Paul

If there's one thing I truly love about Malaysia, it's being able to choose from an endless supply of economy rice or 'chap fan' dishes at hawker stalls

Only in Asia can aunties and uncles tell you the price of your meal based on looking at it for two seconds.

While some post selfies and others show off their furry pets on social media...

One Malaysian guy made an Instagram account solely to highlight his 'chap fan' meals.

37-year-old Vincent Paul Young is a fashion photographer, who also dabbles in taking photos of his meals.

"I have always loved the concept of economy rice, where you get to choose what you want to eat on your plate, and be charged according to the portion," he shared with SAYS.

Image via Vincent Paul
Image via Vincent Paul
Image via Vincent Paul

He explained that he started this account as a side project to compare the prices of dishes

"[It is] to document the diversity and variety of local dishes on a plate... and also helps me to benchmark the market rates of the dishes I picked."

"For instance, the same dish can be slightly more expensive in PJ, where in Kepong, it's fairly cheaper... thus a documentation on the standard of living in these areas," he said.

Image via Vincent Paul
Image via Vincent Paul

Vincent revealed that he usually limits his meal to a maximum of four dishes, so that his photos remain aesthetically pleasing to the eye

However, he doesn't stick to a specific budget so he can make price comparisons between different areas.

"The account is more of a journal for me than anything else," he said, adding that his favourite chap fan dish is baked beans and scrambled eggs in tomato sauce.

Image via Vincent Paul
Image via Vincent Paul

Depending on whether he dines in or 'tapaus', Vincent posts a picture of his meal on a weekly basis whenever possible

For each photo, he lists down the name of each dish and the total price. He even rates the meal based on taste, value for money, and overall quality.

Image via Vincent Paul
Image via Vincent Paul

Occasionally, he includes a separate photo of the hawker stall along with its location

Image via Vincent Paul

If you're a ramen lover, Vincent also has an Instagram account with photos of his ramen adventures.

You can follow his 'chap fan' journey here.

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