Guys, Wear These Muscle Undershirts And You'll Never Have To Go To The Gym Ever Again!

They look so natural too!

Cover image via WM House-Bkk

Mmm... what is it about ripped abs and a well-sculpted bod that makes men's fashion look 100x sexier but probably unattainable by a normal, everyday man?

Image via WM House-Bkk

Well, good news, guys!

Introducing the muscle undershirt, with strategically placed paddings to accentuate your chest and biceps.

Image via WM House-Bkk
Image via WM House-Bkk

Don't let the paddings scare you away, they look quite natural after you slip a T-shirt or any other top over it!

Image via WM House-BKK

Unfortunately, these muscle undershirts are only sold in Bangkok's Union Mall at the moment

Image via WM House-Bkk

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, these undershirts are stocked in the UM Department @ Ground Floor, Union Mall, Bangkok, Thailand.

Alternatively, you can buy them online from Funkybod.

If you are aware of any Malaysian clothing stores that stock these, do let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, CrossFit is also a pretty effective way of gaining muscles... as we found out the hard way:

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