This Nurse Drives Around Alor Setar In A Revamped Truck Providing Pet Supplies & Services

Your friendly neighbourhood pet provider!

Cover image via Bernama & Borak Daily

Working as a nurse at a hospital in Alor Setar, Kedah, Muhammad Aswad Zakaria has found time outside of his medical career to help owners of beloved Si Comels with his very own mobile pet truck

Aswad stocks a variety of pet products and essentials in his one-tonne truck, catering primarily to cats. 

As seen in the photos, wooden shelves lined with pet food and cat litter have been fitted into the inside of the vehicle.

Image via Bernama

Aswad does not solely supply all things pet-related, but offers to send any animals in need of grooming or medical treatment to a clinic

In an interview with Bernama, the 27-year-old mentioned that he previously ran a small business selling and delivering pet products directly to an individual's doorstep. 

The idea came after he was approached by several cat-lovers who explained how challenging it has been to get pet food and products in the new norm. 

Image via Bernama

However, he noticed that many of his customers led busy lives and so decided to establish a transportation service for their furry friends.

He told Bernama, "Customers who wish to neuter or vaccinate their cats will have the option to have their pets sent to a veterinary clinic they're accustomed to or to our panel clinic."

The mobile pet truck has been operating daily from 10am until 7pm since 1 July

Sinar Plus noted that around RM35,000 was spent on modifying the vehicle to fit the demands of being a mobile one-stop shop for pet owners living within the state's capital.

Aside from running on an on-demand basis, Aswad also parks the truck in public spaces, such as recreational parks, so that they are easily accessible to nearby residents. 

After receiving overwhelming positive response, the business owner now has plans to take his mobile pet truck beyond Alor Setar. 

Image via Borak Daily

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