Check Out This Risky 'Convenience Store' In China That's On The Side Of A Cliff

It's way up there.

Cover image via 张家界导游甜妹/YouTube

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In China, a small wooden shop hanging off the side of a cliff might just be the world's most inconvenient "convenience store"

Opened in 2018, the little wooden structure located on the side of a steep elevation in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park sits approximately 120 metres above ground level. It serves up a selection of refreshments and snacks to those daring enough to pay it a visit.

Since its opening, it's become a popular pit stop among climbers visiting the park, which also boasts several scenic cliffs, waterfalls, hiking trails, and a jaw-dropping 300-metre glass bridge that hangs over a gaping canyon. 

The park's glass bridge hovers 182 metres above a canyon.

Image via Reuters/The Independent

Thrill-seeking patrons who happen to pass by the store can expect to refuel with affordable drinks and snacks

Surprisingly, the little shop doesn't inflate its prices, with the cost of a bottle of water capped at only RMB2 (approximately RM1.28).

Other snacks can also be found at the store, with potato chips seemingly one of the more popular picks among customers.

"The store doesn't make much money, but the tourists are very grateful for it, so we feel like our jobs are very meaningful," an employee told Chinese media outlet CCTV.

Image via CGTN

At any point in time, the shop only accommodates one staff member, whose task is to maintain stock and inventory

The lone staff member's shift begins at dawn, and the individual is required to make a challenging climb each time they need to reach the store, as well as make an inconvenient climb back down each time they need to use the bathroom.

According to the staff member, all new workers feel afraid at first (and rightly so), but eventually, the routine of manning the store becomes a familiar thing.

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